Types of Corrugated Flutes and Boxes

Here, There, and Everywhere

Corrugated materials and boxes are just about everywhere. These ubiquitous packaging tools can be found in warehouses, offices, and homes all across the world, and the reasons why are pretty simple – they’re easy to use and affordable. Chances are high that you’ve both mailed and received something in one of these handy tools, but do you really understand corrugated material? If not, we can help with that. Let’s look at the variety of different types of corrugated boxes and the flutes that go into constructing them. 

What Kind of Corrugated Boxes are Available? 

Half-Slotted Box:These are the most common type and are made up of a single piece of corrugated material. That piece includes a glued, stitched, or taped manufacturer’s joint, as well as both top and bottom flaps. Basic boxes are shipped flat to save storage space and reduce transit costs. They can be sealed shut with the built-in flaps. 

Slotted Box: Slotted boxes consist of a single piece of corrugation that comes with glued, stitched, or taped joints, a top flap, and a bottom flap. They are shipped flat and must be closed by using the top and bottom flaps. 

Slide Box:These are made up of several liners and sleeves that slide into one another in various directions. They come with outside sleeves that can be used with other cases. 

Rigid Box: Rigid boxes consist of three pieces – two ends and a body. These pieces must be glued or stitched together.  

Telescope Box: These are made up of at least two pieces. Generally, they feature a top or bottom lid that telescopes over the body of the box. 

Folder Boxes and Trays: Most often, these are a single piece of corrugated fiberboard with bottom hinges that create side walls and a top cover. Many feature locking tabs, handles, display panels, and other elements as part of their design.  

Partitions: These are an interior fitting that can be inserted into a corrugated box or incorporated into the box design itself. The number of partitions is up to the designer or user. They can be used as a separator, divider, liner, and beyond. 

Fold-Up Pads:Fold-up pads are another interior fitting that are inserted into a box or built into the design. The number of panels is up to the designer or user. They can be used as a separator, divider, liner, and beyond. 

What are Corrugated Flutes? 

Flute is the common term that refers to the wave-shaped ridges you see pressed in between corrugated sheets. Together, these sheets and flutes make up corrugated fiberboard. The sheets are steam softened and the flutes provide cushioning and extra strength. These are the different types of flutes you might see: 

A-Flute: Thickness of 4.7mm 

B-Flute: Thickness of 2.5mm 

C-Flute:Thickness of 3.6mm 

E-Flute: Thickness of 1.5mm. Used for lightweight needs like pizza boxes, shoe boxes, or mailers. 

BC Flute: Double-wall combination stack of one B-flute, a single-wall sheet, one C-flute, and another single-wall sheet. Used when additional thickness or stacking strength is required. 

AC Flute: Double-wall combination stack of one A-flute, a single-wall sheet, one C-flute, and another single-wall sheet. This is an incredibly durable corrugated material and is ideal for applications that require premium strength. 

A-, B-, and C-Flutes are the most commonly used options for single-wall corrugated boxes and cartons. A-flutes offer the best stacking strength, B-flutes provide excellent puncture resistance, and C-flutes are equipped with an ideal combination of both attributes. 

Need More Information? 

Even though corrugated boxes are such a commonplace packaging supply, there’s plenty to learn and understand about them. Here at Sarkina, we want to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need about the materials you buy, which allows you to make informed purchases that work best for your individual needs. That’s why we’re offering a complete guide on the differences between different corrugation tests. Simply fill out your information here and we’ll email it to you right away!