Tape is a universal packaging tool that secures boxes, cartons, and much more in order to protect your products and keep them secure during shipping, handling, storage, and beyond. 

  • Choose from a wide range of options, including paper tape, rubber tape, acrylic tape, strapping tape, and more 
  • Our tape offers high-strength adhesive properties to safeguard packages 
  • Many of our tape rolls are sourced from trusted global manufacturing leaders like 3M and tesa 
  • The diverse variety of choices means you’ll find tapes that work for many different applications, such as extreme temperatures, long-term storage, and more 

Tape is a ubiquitous tool that’s found in nearly every home and business around the nation, where it serves the all-important function of keeping things together. While it may seem like tape is a generic item and you can use just any old roll to get the job done, there is actually a huge variety of different styles that each work in different ways. At Sarkina, we carry an impressive number of tapes to suit all of your packaging, office, and general needs.  

Our packaging tape is available in many, many styles, sizes, and colors in order to accommodate your specific applications. We carry kraft paper tape that offers secure, tamper evident box closures, strapping tape that helps keep your heavy-duty products bundled, durable duct tape for home repair and maintenance, and much more. Better yet, many of our choices come from global leaders in the adhesive industry that you can always trust, such as 3M tape and tesa tape.  

When you need to securely close your shipping boxes, look no further than our premium lineup of carton-sealing tapes. These adhesives are able to keep your corrugated and cardboard materials shut for long periods of time, including during rough handling and bumpy shipping processes. Choose from rubber tapes, hot melt tapes, acrylic tapes, kraft paper tape, and more. Whichever you prefer, you’ll receive a long-lasting and durable packaging product.  

No matter what kind of tape you might need, Sarkina is here to help. Our inventory is massive and many of our products are available to ship to you within one business day of your order – be sure to check out our ready to ship tape page!