Stretch Wrap

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Hand and Machine Grade Stretch Wrap

Our stretch wrap films are the ideal solution for palletizing and unitizing, or simply bundling items together.

  • Available in machine grade or hand grade films
  • Wide range of standard gauges for all applications
  • 80 gauge or 80 gauge hybrid stretch films are the most common in all applications
  • Our Hybrid stretch wraps are thinner films that offer the same level of strength as their equivalent gauge for a fraction of the cost

  • Stretch wrap film is a versatile tool used in warehouses and shipping operations across the world. Whether you need machine stretch wrap, hand stretch film, or hardy hybrid cast stretch wrap that boasts the strength of 80 gauge stretch film in a much thinner plastic film, our team is here to help. In addition to our wide variety of different stretch films, there are also a wide variety of stretch wrap dispensers and stretch wrap tools to make your process more efficient. 

    Stretch wrap film is essential for many businesses, especially those that palletize their products before shipping them out to retailers and customers. There are two primary types of plastic stretch film: Cast Stretch Wrap and Blown Stretch Wrap. Each is manufactured through different methods and offers unique advantages to those that use them.  

    Knowing which of these two types of stretch film will best suit your needs can be a tough call, but luckily for you, we’ve got some helpful information about both of these products outlined in this recent blog post to make your decision easier. Give it a look to learn more about cast and blown stretch wrap film and how they can work for you.  

    Another important consideration to make when seeking out stretch wrap is whether you need standard or pre-stretched film. When using a pre-stretched stretch wrap, you or your team will put in less effort to achieve the same result, as the stretch film is already extended to its full capacity. This means productivity increases and plastic wrap waste decreases.  

    Stretch wrap offers the obvious benefit of unitizing your items onto a pallet to keep them securely in place, as well as helping to stop dust, dirt, and moisture from harming the products inside. One additional advantage that it can provide is inventory management and organization. Sarkina carries many colored stretch wraps, opaque stretch films, and tinted stretch wrap films that assist with this very purpose. Differently colored plastic wraps on pallets inside of your warehouse make it easy to identify which products are on that pallet, without needing to dig up the information in a complicated computer or management system. When it comes time to ship the covered pallet, all you need to do is find the right color and get it ready to roll.  

    Whether you need plastic stretch wrap and plastic wrap rolls every single day or you're simply searching for stretch wrap for moving, Sarkina is here to help. Take a look at our hand stretch film, machine stretch wrap rolls, and much more.