PPE Products - COVID-19

Coronavirus PPE is a simple and effective way to keep yourself, your family, your team members, and your customers healthy. In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to protect everyone around you and these versatile PPE products can do just that.  

Disposable face masks and reusable face masks are an important element of protection and an incredibly helpful type of PPE for Coronavirus. KN95 face masks, which are nearly identical to N95 face masks, can capture 99% of particles and include five sterilized layers of protection. Additionally, we also carry 3-ply disposable face masks that filter out more than 95% of bacteria and can be thrown out after one use to reduce your risk of contamination. 

Our hospital-grade disinfectants are available in both a ready-to-use formula and a concentrate and can be used on a variety of high-traffic surfaces, including bathrooms, office equipment or fixtures, classrooms, patient rooms, meeting areas, and much more. These sanitizers help to minimize risk of any COVID-19 pathogens lingering on frequently used surfaces. Furthermore, you can also use our Kleenguard or latex gloves for added protection when touching items in or cleaning any busy areas. 

As your team members or customers begin returning to your office, store, or other busy environment, it’s necessary that you reduce the chances of an infected person entering the building as much as possible. High temperatures are an easy way to identify someone who may be infected with COVID-19. Monitor the health of individuals working nearby with the help of either reusable or disposable forehead thermometers. This Coronavirus PPE quickly shows a person’s temperature in order to maintain the health of everyone around.