Poly Strapping Seals, Buckles, and Welds

Poly strapping seals, buckles, and welds come in many forms. How you choose to close your poly strapping is critical in ensuring the integrity of your load. You want to create a durable seal joint where the two ends meet. There are many factors that will affect the type of closure you’re going to need, including work volume, production speed, and the required strength to maintain a proper hold. Let’s go over the types of seals, buckles, and welds you can use for poly strapping.

Poly Strapping BuckleS

Metal Strapping Buckle
Strapping Buckles

Buckles are a good option for closing poly strapping ends when you have low volume and low-tension applications. When working with buckles, hand tensioning is a viable option. Workers can pull the strapping tight and apply buckles without the need of a power source. Tools like a hand pull or a crank tensioner can be used to assist workers when tensioning the straps before applying the buckles.

Buckles can be made of metal or plastic, and they can have different finishing materials. Metal buckles are able to withstand more tensioning compared to plastic buckles. Phosphate finished buckles work well on bonded and woven cord strapping. Galvanized finished buckles are required for composite cord strapping. Finally, Bright finished buckles are best used for polypropylene strapping.

Poly Strapping Seals

Strapping Serrated Metal Seal
Strapping Smooth Metal Seal

Metal seals are recommended for poly strapping because of their ability to create a tight hold with strong durability. There smooth and serrated metal seals available, although each is used for specific type of poly strapping. You’ll want the proper tools to use with metal seals as they cannot be closed purely by hand.

Smooth metal seals are best used for polypropylene strapping. They can be applied with a hand sealer after using a tensioner to get your desired hold. Serrated metal seals are used on polyester strapping, which presents a slicker surface for the seal to grasp. The serrated texture allows the metal seal to grip the polyester strapping effectively to create a tight seal.

For smooth metal seals, you want a hand tool with symmetrical jaws to produce the tightest seal. Serrated metal seal tools, on the other hand, will require non-symmetrical jaws to produce the right seal. Using the proper tool for each type of metal seal is important for creating the tight, professional seal you need to secure the load.

Poly Strapping Welds

Strapping heat seal
Strapping Friction Seal

There are two types of seal-less weld joints for poly strapping. The first is called a heat seal, or a thermo weld. In this application, the two ends of the poly strapping are introduced to a heater blade before being pressed together to create the seal. The heat applied during the application allows the two ends of the poly strapping to bond together before cooling.

The second type of seal-less weld joint is called a friction seal. For this application, the two poly strapping ends experience a high frequency movement against one another, which in turn creates heat. The finishing process is the same for a heat seal; the two ends of the poly strapping are pressed to create the final bond.

Heat and friction seals are ideal for companies with a high work volume and production speed because there are many battery-powered tools or pneumatic tools to help speed up the process of applying poly strapping. Battery-powered tools typically offer a heat seal while the pneumatic tools are used for friction seals. These tools will typically tension, cut, and seal the poly strapping for you, which makes them incredibly efficient in the warehouse. 

We hope you have a better understanding of how to close your poly strapping effectively. Seals, buckles, and welds can all be used to effectively close your strapping depending on the application. Once you’ve got the strapping closed correctly, your unitized load is ready to embark on its difficult journey.

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