Poly Tubing/Auto-Bags

Poly tubing, which is oftentimes referred to as “auto-bags,” is a dependable and secure plastic protective packaging. Plastic tubing makes it simple to package and ship goods of a variety of sizes. All you need to do is roll the poly tubing to your desired length, place your product inside, seal it, and the item is ready to go. 

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In today’s world, it’s perfectly normal to find businesses that specialize is a wide variety of products. Some of these goods might be smaller than the palm of your hand, while others may take up significantly more space. While you could invest in the purchase of plastic bags of all sizes, it’s more economical (in terms of both cost and space!) to take advantage of poly tubing rolls instead.  

Instead of keeping stacks and stacks of different plastic bags laying around, poly tubes allow you to place a dispenser in a convenient location for easy access and fast packaging. Simply slide one of your products into the plastic tubing, cut it at the length you need, and then seal your item within. A heat sealer creates highly durable seams for the ultimate protection, but twist ties, staples, and tape are also great choices for protective closures.  

You may be thinking that poly tubing is only meant for standard, lightweight goods, but that is far from the case. We carry poly tubing rolls for light, medium, and heavy applications. These plastic tubes begin at 1 mil thick and go up to 6 mil thick, which is intended for industrial parts and products.  

Beyond our standard clear poly tubing, Sarkina offers a variety of specialty plastic tubing rolls as well. Anti-static poly tubing protects sensitive electronics from harmful static charges, while VCI plastic tubing is a great choice for metal products, as it prevents rust and corrosion through Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors. Additionally, certified clean room poly tubing is made from virgin resin, certified Class 100, and meets FDA standards.  

Poly tubing from Sarkina makes it easy to expedite your packaging and shipping processes. Add on a poly tubing roll dispenser and an impulse sealer to make these experiences even quicker while providing outstanding security to your products at the same time.