Gaylord/Large Gusseted Bags

Whether you use them as a large box liner or pallet cover, our plastic Gaylord and bin liners are ideal for your biggest needs. Fitting these oversized plastic bags into your largest boxes to line and protect them or overtop a pallet for added security is a breeze.  

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To maximize protection for your largest items, look no further than plastic bin liners. Simply put, these are oversized gusseted bags that are used to cover substantial goods, such as a full pallet, or to line items like Gaylord boxes, large drums, and trash cans.  

When utilizing clear plastic liners as a pallet cover, the sides expand outward in order to allow the products to retain their shape. Better yet, clear plastic pallet covers stop harmful materials like dust or water from reaching your goods. This is especially helpful for sensitive items or cardboard boxes that are stacked onto the pallet and susceptible to damage from things like a leaky roof or dust that gets kicked up by warehouse equipment. Because bin and Gaylord liners work so effectively as poly pallet covers, they are ideal for operations that store loaded pallets for long periods of time before sending them out the door.  

If your operation produces and stores goods that are particularly light-sensitive, you may want to consider black UVI pallet covers instead. These function very similarly to the clear option, but block out harmful light rays. Another advantage is that no one will be able to see what lies underneath the black pallet covers, which can help prevent tampering and theft.  

No matter if you need a poly Gaylord liner, plastic bin liner, or durable plastic pallet cover, Sarkina carries a wide variety of sizes to suit your requirements.