Anti-Static Poly Tubing


Anti-static poly tubing allows you to package static sensitive materials of all shapes and sizes.

  • These pink anti-static films provide excellent static discharge protection
  • Create custom anti-static poly bags for different sized items
  • Heat seal both ends for added security
  • Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses for all applications


    poly bag sealers poly bag twist tie machines poly tubing dispensers
    Tabletop and hand poly bag sealers with
    no warmup required
    Works on all types of poly bags For use with most industrial table top roll
    stock applications

    Poly tubing is a convenient solution for packaging items of varying lengths. Rolls of clear plastic tubing are easy to set up at work stations and with a heat sealer, you can quickly close both ends and create durable seams. You can avoid stocking multiple bags sizes when you switch to poly tubing for your packaging operations. Poly tubing is available in multiple widths and thicknesses to accommodate any application. There are also specialty versions of tubing available, including VCI poly tubing and anti-static poly tubing. You can insert different products at the same station and create custom bag lengths in a short period of time.