Minigrip® White Block Reclosable Bags

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Minigrip® Reclosable White Block Poly Bags

Minigrip® Premium Red Line™ bags feature a single track, heavy-duty zipper that extends the width of the bag and keeps products clean and free from moisture.

  • Reclosable bags can be reused.
  • Sizes listed are the inside usable dimensions of the bag.
  • Bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.

Minigrip white block reclosable poly bags feature a sturdy Premium Red Line zipper closure at the top that is both reinforced and side welded. It sits on a single track that runs the entire length of the bag and is very easy to open and close. These durable white block plastic bags do an excellent job of preventing moisture, dust, dirt, and more from harming the products inside. They are manufactured using 100% virgin low density polyethylene resin, which is very clear to help you see the items within. 

Each Minigrip reclosable plastic bag features a handy white block that is easy to write on or label. This makes product identification and organization very simple and straightforward, whether you’re storing small parts, food, or anything else. All of our Minigrip reclosable bags meet FDA and USDA standards for food-grade storage. Thicknesses range from two to four mils, while we offer dimensions as small as 2 x 3 inches and as large as 13 x 18 inches.