Reclosable Poly Bags


Reclosable poly bags provide easy access to your products, keep small parts organized, and protect goods from scuffs and scratches.

  • Have a resealable zipper closure
  • Available in multiple sizes for a variety of products
  • Can be reused time and time again
  • Made from durable materials in a wide range of thicknesses
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    Reclosable poly bags are an excellent choice for packaging items that need to be accessed time and time again. Most of our reclosable bags are equipped with an easy-to-use zipper top closure. For those who work with gloved hands, we also have bags that incorporate a slider zip top instead. Clear reclosable poly bags are frequently used to store things like screws and bolts, important documents, and different accessories or parts that require easy access. They are also commonly used to transport important medications or components of equipment that are sent off for cleaning or inspection.