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Medical Equipment Bags and Covers

Our home equipment bags and covers protect expensive medical machines and supplies from dust, dirt, and moisture to keep them ready for use.

  • Offers outstanding protection and convenience for medical environments
  • Covers and bags help ensure compliance with medical accreditation standards
  • Tinted covers or tags help identify equipment status
  • Bags or covers available for room furniture as well
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Sarkina is proud to carry a wide variety of plastic home medical equipment bags and covers. These durable films protect your most essential items from dust, debris, moisture, and other harmful elements that may cause irreparable or expensive damage. They can be used both at home or in medical facility settings, such as hospitals or nursing homes. 

One major benefit to utilizing medical equipment covers or bags is that they can help you ensure compliance with accreditation standards. We offer many different sizes in order to suit a diverse range of needs, including thicknesses between one and three mils. The plastic itself is low-density polyethylene and most come packaged on rolls for convenient access. Use our home medical equipment bags and covers for IV pumps, nebulizers, ventilators, concentrators, LOX systems, and much more.