Produce Bags

These produce bags and lettuce plastic bags are supplied on plastic headers and have outstanding strength. They are lightweight and easy to use when working with produce, such as fruit, lettuce, beans or corn. 

  • Made with strong linear low- and high-density polyethylene
  • Packed on plastic headers for easy dispensing
  • Very easy for consumers to open
  • Can hang on a single "J" hook
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Grocery stores, delis, and more love the convenience of our helpful plastic produce bags. These versatile storage tools are a great method for packaging a wide variety of edible goods, including many different fruits and vegetables. The plastic material is made up of high-clarity, durable, food-safe linear low- and high-density polyethylene. Most bags are packaged on easy-to-open plastic headers or convenient rolls for fast tear off. 

Our plastic produce bags do much more than just hold your tasty goods. Some offer specialized venting, allowing them to be microwaved so you or your customers can steam your vegetables with ease. Others provide V-shaped vents to keep grapes and other fruits fresh for as long as possible while sitting on shelves in the grocery store or at home in the fridge. Many of our produce bags are equipped with helpful hang holes for prominent display or have grab handles for convenient transportation.