3 Mil Industrial Poly Bags


3 Mil Flat Polyethylene Bags

  • Bags are manufactured from 100% virgin, high-clarity polyethylene film
  • Seal with tape, twist ties, or impulse heat sealers
  • Meets FDA and USDA standards
  • Perfect for protecting medium weight items

Made from 100% virgin, high-clarity polyethylene film, our 3 mil flat poly bags are a great choice for storing your medium-weight items, like hardware or parts. These durable plastic bags are sealed at the bottom in order to provide outstanding protection to your products. At the top, they can be closed with either tape, twist ties, or an impulse heat sealer. When completely sealed, 3 mil plastic bags protect goods from dirt, moisture, and debris. 

Sarkina carries a wide range of 3 mil poly bag sizes, from 2 x 3 inches in dimension at the smallest to 56 x 60 inches at the largest. They are manufactured using virgin, high-clarity polyethylene film that displays your products with stunning transparency. Each 3 mil industrial poly bag meets both USDA and FDA standards, as well as LP-378 requirements.