Tape Bag Sealers

Tape sealers quickly provide a strong and durable closure to your poly bags, films, and tubes.  

  • High-quality machines made of steel and hi-impact plastic 
  • Can accommodate bags as large as ¾-inches in diameter 
  • Each sealer creates tamper-evident, adhesive tape flags to securely protect items inside bag 
  • Some machines include side trimmer for extra convenience 

Tape bag sealers are a quick and easy way to create a durable, long-lasting closure on your poly films and tubes. This means your items will be protected from harmful exterior elements like dust, debris, moisture, and much more. Our tape sealers can accommodate bags as large as ¾-inches in diameter, meaning they work for many different needs and applications. Each machine is constructed out of strong, dependable steel and hi-impact plastic. 

Most of our tape bag sealers are also equipped with convenient side trimmers to expedite your process and allow you to package and seal as many products as possible in a short period of time. No matter what kind of plastic film you seal, it will be closed with a secure adhesive flag seal. The sealing machines themselves can be easily placed on your work surface for easy access and are incredibly user friendly. Tape bag sealers are a great choice for a wide range of products, such as baked goods, meat, industrial items, and more.