Plastic Sheeting

“plastic sheeting

Plastic sheeting and visqueen are used for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

  • Protects items or large areas against moisture, dust, dirt, and debris
  • Rot proof, waterproof, and resistant to many chemicals
  • Available with UVI protection for extended outdoor use
  • Offered in a variety of styles and sizes for your application
  • Packaged as single-wound rolls or centerfold rolls
  • Visqueen refers to most construction and agricultural grade polyethylene sheeting, which is made from inexpensive resins and some post-consumer recycled content. Learn More.

    Plastic sheeting, which is often referred to as poly sheeting, is used across a wide range of industries as a protective barrier between equipment or goods against harmful elements like moisture, dirt, debris, and more. Whether you work in construction, landscaping, maintenance, or any other kind of business, durable plastic sheeting is an easy and effective way to keep damage away from your gear. Better yet, it’s a budget-friendly material that requires little effort to put in place.  

    Of the many benefits that come with the use of poly sheeting, some of the most advantageous are that it is both rot-proof and waterproof, as well as being resistant to a wide variety of destructive chemicals. Because plastic sheeting is helpful to such a diverse range of applications, there are an impressive amount of sizes, styles, and colors available. You can choose from black poly sheeting, clear plastic sheets, plastic covers for pallets, poly sheeting with vapor barriers, plastic surface protectors, and much more.  

    It is highly common to find plastic sheeting in use in the great outdoors. Construction teams, grounds crews, and landscapers (among many others) all frequently utilize it to protect equipment or outside regions from harsh elements like rain or dirt. Oftentimes, this variety of poly sheeting is called visqueen or C&A film, which stands for Construction and Agriculture film. This is a type of polyethylene sheeting that’s made up of less-expensive resins and recycled content, and it regularly includes extra UVI protection so that it can be used for long-term periods of time. 

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