How Stretch Wrap Fails

Stretch wrap film is commonly used across many industries. To protect your bottom line, it’s important to understand how it can fail and what causes those failures. Each of us is only human and many times operator error is the cause of problems with your stretch film. To save you money and labor hours, you need to know the various ways that an individual may accidentally damage a roll or piece of stretch wrap. That said, failure can occasionally come as a result of poor manufacturing or a one-time product error. No matter the reason your stretch wrap fails, it's necessary that you understand why. If the breakdown is due to human-related causes, you can ensure that it doesn't happen again. If it comes because of a flaw with the product itself, you'll know to have the roll replaced and to discuss the problem with your supplier. 

Gel Holes 

Nothing in life is perfect and stretch wrap film is certainly no exception. While the vast majority of stretch wrap performs beautifully, it is possible that sometimes the plastic resins won’t function as they should. This often leads to a V-shaped rip or break in your film, as seen in this photo.  

Edge Damage 

When your film gets nicked or cut at the edge of a roll where it shouldn’t be, it may result in edge damage. If you don’t catch the nick and begin to tear off a section of film, you’ll notice that it tears in a diagonal direction as you pull it off the roll.  

Ultimate Breaks

Even when your stretch film rips in a straight line, you may notice that it has points sticking out along the edge of that break. This indicates that your wrap has been pre-stretched past its maximum capability.  

Application Failure 

Simply, application failure takes place when using an inappropriate stretch wrap film for your application. This commonly occurs due to incorrect pallet load types or utilizing a film gauge that’s too low for your requirements. This is why it’s necessary to always use the correct stretch film for your needs. 

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