How Edge Protectors Safeguard Your Products

Edge protectors, also frequently referred to as cornerboard or angleboard, are an easy way to protect palletized goods while they are in transit. It’s common knowledge that more structure on a pallet creates more strength and durability for the products it holds, and edge protectors are an effective and affordable way to add that structure. Simply place these tools along the inside or outside edges of your corrugated material to enhance the stability of your pallet throughout the entire shipping and handling processes. 

In addition to providing outstanding stability, edge protectors are also a great way to prevent damage from forklifts, box cutters, knives, and more. On top of all this, when placed on the inside corners of your cartons, cornerboard will offer essential reinforcement. In turn, this creates more stacking strength and compression protection, as well as maximizes the corner area of each individual box where the pallet above it can rest.  

Now that we understand how edge protectors work, it’s time to examine the kinds of safeguards they offer during transportation. There are a large number of methods, so let’s break them down here. 


When placed onto delicate or fragile materials and surfaces, edge protectors allow you to avoid any damage that may be caused by scrapes, scuffs, or scratches.  

Dynamic Compression: 

When packages bump up against one another or containers shift into each other, it is referred to as dynamic compression. Edge protectors can help minimize any harm that results when they are nailed or affixed to the floor of your shipping container or other transport vehicle. 

Static Compression:  

As the weight of your goods presses down on the packages beneath them, they create static compression, which quickly damages the products at the bottom of a pallet or stack of pallets. To reduce these casualties, cornerboard can be placed inside of your corrugated boxes to improve stacking strength.  

Extreme Heat and Cold: 

Unlike many other materials, edge protectors are not susceptible to extreme temperatures. This makes them an excellent alternative to plastic protectors that may lose integrity in the heat or grow brittle in the cold. 


Just like it isn’t affected by heat and cold, cornerboard can withstand high humidity without breaking or weakening.  

Puncture Damage: 

Like every other item, products with sharp angles and edges need to be shipped, even though they pose a bigger hazard to the boxes in which they are transported. We also regularly need forklifts to move heavy pallets onto trucks or into containers. By using edge protectors to reinforce your cartons along the ends, bottoms, and corners, you can minimize the chances of puncture damage that come along with each of these phenomena.  

Rough Handling:  

When paired with stretch film, edge protectors help reduce the impact of rough handling. This is because most individuals throughout the supply chain process are more likely to use care when they can see the items they are handling. This method also protects the goods from lateral collisions. 

Shocks and Vibrations: 

Shocks and vibrations are unavoidable during transportation. Whether the truck hits a pothole or the driver accidentally runs over a curb, vibrations are bound to happen. These shocks can cause serious damage, but thankfully edge protectors are available to help. They assist in stopping pallets from tipping when the truck jolts and prevent loads from shifting as a result of transit vibrations. 

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