Dunnage Air Bags - Usage and Application

When are Dunnage airbags a good idea for me?

Do your products experience unnecessary damage during the shipping process that renders them unsellable? Are your customers unhappy with the condition of their orders when they finally arrive? Have you been spending extra money on lumber and nails to secure your shipments during transit? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider using dunnage air bags as part of your packaging strategy. Dunnage air bags are a convenient tool for mazimizing your load security before a shipment leaves the warehouse.

Dunnage air bags are the ideal packaging product for filling the void space in freight trucks. All of that empty space within the truck allows products to shift during transit, which increases the likelihood of damage. These air bags can reduce the risk of product damage by restricting the load’s movement. They can also be used to create a bulkhead to further prevent shifting. Dunnage air bags are more economical for securing loads compared to other methods; plus, they can be re-used in some applications. Dunnage air bags will also decrease the time required to load or unload a shipment.