ColdMark Temperature Indicator 0C / 32F

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  • The mishandling of fragile, sensitive or calibrated products has caused issues in the packaging industry for years. ShockWatch temperature Indicators detect and record these problems while products are in transit, which gives businesses the ability to reduce damage during their packaging processes.
    ColdMark temperature indicators are an economical solution that detects the mishandling of products and packages during shipment. The impact indicators alert handlers that a package is being monitored and requires extra care. Ultimately, ColdMark temperature indicators help reduce damage related costs.

    ColdMark Temperature Indicator 0C / 32F

    Item #: T-028625

    ColdMark temperature indicators descending temperature indicators are single-use devices that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a below temperature deviation. The ColdMark turns from clear to violet when the temperature goes below a predetermined threshold. ColdMark is available in the following temperature thresholds: -3°C | 0°C | 2°C | 5°C | 10°C


    • Indication Type: Visual, irreversible clear to violet color change
    • Activation Temperature Levels: Sensitivities available between -3°C and 10°C
    • Temperature Accuracy: +1°C
    • Activation Temperature Exposure Time Period: 30 minutes or less
    • Product Life: 2 years
    • Mounting Method: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
    • Storage Conditions: Unused product must be stored above activation temperature and below 43°C
    • Dimensions: 3.3" x 0.8" x 0.4"
    • Weight (varies by sensitivity): 3.06g
    • Width: 0.8"
    • Length: 3.3"
    • Height/Depth: 0.4"
    • Range: Below 32*F
    • Type: SW- ColdMark Generation 1 Descending Temperature Indicators