Boxes and Corrugated

Corrugated materials and boxes are a ubiquitous, versatile way to protect goods, ship products, and store items in your workspace. 

  • Corrugated pads and sheets offer extra protection to heavy objects when used as interleaving on pallets.
  • Wide variety of sizes, dimensions, and styles available 
  • Use corrugated boxes to safely package and ship items or as additional storage space 
  • Corrugated sheets, pads, and boxes are stored flat and take up little area when not in use.

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Corrugated boxes, sheets, pads, and more are an easy and effective way to protect, store, and ship a huge number of different items. We carry a diverse range of corrugated products in order to accommodate your specific needs.  

Corrugated sheets and pads are most commonly used as layers between pallets, which provides extra protection to the objects they hold, especially heavyweight goods. This is because they evenly disperse the weight of the items across the pallet while also protecting them against damage from knives, box cutters, scissors, or forklifts. Corrugated sheets are available in single and double wall flutes and you can also select eco-friendly honeycomb pads if you prefer a more lightweight option that can be used as void fill if needed. 

In addition, we offer a wide variety of corrugated boxes. These durable storage and shipping tools come in many, many different sizes, styles, and dimensions. You have your choice of flat boxes, cube boxes, multi-depth boxes, telescoping corrugated boxes, as well as options that are well suited to either heavy-duty or lightweight products. These choices come in either single or double-wall construction and are shipped to you in flat bundles in order to take up as little space as possible in your work area.  

No matter which type of corrugated sheet or corrugated box you need, every option is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Sakina is proud to offer an impressive range of different corrugated boxes and materials to meet all of your needs!