No one likes dealing with returns, which is why anything you do to make the process simpler will be better for your customer and for your business. Return-friendly packaging can help you improve the return process for your buyers and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible from repacking an item to re-selling it.

What is Return-Friendly Packaging?

Return-friendly packaging is optimized for re-packing and return mailing. Making your packaging return-friendly can help encourage sales because customers are more likely to make a purchase if they know a product can be returned with ease.

One key feature of return-friendly packaging is a design that’s easy to open and reseal. Customers will turn to knives or scissors to open a box if it’s difficult to get into, which can prevent you from reusing the packaging if the product is returned. Bubble mailers can also be torn or stretched too far if they are difficult to open, which renders them unusable for a return. Making a product’s packaging easy to open ensures it has a greater chance of being reused for returns.

Another way to make product packaging more return-friendly is to make it attractive to the customer. When a package arrives in good condition with an attractive appearance, customers are more likely to treat the packaging with care and avoid damaging it. They may even hold onto it longer and make sure it’s in good condition if they need to return the product.

It Creates Cost-Savings

Return-friendly packaging is strategically designed to be reused. Anything that can be reused will help reduce the costs associated with returned goods. Products returned in good condition with their original packaging can be reused and sent out to other customers. This eliminates the need for new materials and stops you from having to repackage the returned item. While it may seem harmless to go ahead and repackage something, those extra materials always result in added costs. When you’re shipping thousands of products, those extra costs can quickly get out of hand and cause trouble for your business.  

It Provides Customer Convenience

Customers truly appreciate a company who goes above and beyond to make sure their ordering experience is the best it can be. When someone receives a product they have to return, they’re already disappointed in the overall experience because they didn’t get what they expected. Making the return process easier for them with return-friendly packaging takes some of the weight off their shoulders and allows them to feel like things are under control. When the pressure is on them to repack the item, it can cause negative perceptions of your brand and cause them to order elsewhere in the future. Return-friendly packaging ensures the customer’s job is as simple as possible and reminds them that your company cares about improving their ordering experience.  

It Keeps Products Safe

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy securing packaging that effectively protects your products in transit. Investing in return-friendly packaging ensures that any merchandise returned to you is also protected. When the customer is responsible for repackaging the item without return-friendly options, you can’t trust that the product will be sent back in a condition that’s ready for re-sale. They could have torn part of the primary packaging or not included enough cushioning for normal shipping conditions when trying to repackage the product. If the product wasn’t damaged to begin with, it might end up damaged because you can’t expect a customer to know what level of protection that product requires.

It Has a Positive Environmental Impact

Reusing your packaging helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. By investing in return-friendly packaging, you’re creating more opportunities to reuse what has already been paid for and manufactured. This eliminates the need to manufacture extra packaging just for returns and helps maintain a sustainable solution for re-selling your products. If you choose to make your packaging recyclable as well, you can help the environment more by putting materials back into the system rather than a landfill.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why your company should invest in return-friendly packaging. You can explore return-friendly packaging options on our site today at your convenience. We’re also available over the phone if you want help creating your own custom packaging solution for returns.