Why do you need a converting partner in the packaging industry? Well, there are a number of reasons. Finding the right flexible materials for your specific applications can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a reliable source for expert product information and knowledge. Converters work with flexible materials, such as tape and foam, on a daily basis. This gives them the ability to find creative solutions for your current applications that another source might not be able to provide. Here are a few reasons to keep an ongoing relationship with a converting partner in the packaging industry.

Converting Partners Provide Creative Solutions

Converting partners work with tape and other flexible materials to find creative solutions for your business. When a converting company is trying to solve a specific problem, they won’t simply suggest a material replacement. Instead, they look at all the different materials your using and how they can be improved to increase efficiency. These companies have the ability to custom-cut materials or combine materials to make the solution you need.

Because they can convert materials using advanced techniques and machinery, they can create the exact solution you need, not just a band-aid solution that covers the problem. This provides a level of customization that other companies fail to provide.

Converting Partners Help Reduce Material Waste

If you find yourself constantly throwing away material, a converting partner can drastically reduce the amount of waste you’re producing. Often, businesses will purchase an incorrect sizing of tape and proceed to cut the tape to their desired length. The excess material produced during this process is discarded, creating a large amount of waste over time. Plus, you’ve paid for the entire amount of material you’ve been given, so you’re essentially tossing cash in the bin along with the excess material.

Converting partners can create the exact size of tape you need to eliminate this waste. This helps you save time by not having to cut the tape before application, and it helps reduce the amount of material being thrown away. Other flexible materials can be converted to reduce waste as well. This means every material you’ve paid for is being used during the packaging process, so you don’t waste your money either.

Converting Partners Improve Your Systems

Working with a converting partner in the packaging industry allows you to boost production speed and improve your application systems. Converted materials don’t require any additional modification, which saves workers time and energy during the day. There’s no longer a need to spend time cutting or reducing materials to the desired length.

Converters can also combine materials in unique ways to give you greater efficiency on the line. Laminating capabilities allow you to attach adhesive to almost any material, which gives you greater customization opportunities. Spooling capabilities provide you the opportunity to run machines more frequently. This process of converting combines multiple rolls onto a longer spool so that workers won’t have to stop machines and replace materials as frequently.

The benefits of working with a converting company are easy to recognize. The Packaging Group maintains a strong professional partnership with respected converting companies that provide the best for our customers. We’d love to help you find custom converting solutions to improve your applications today. Contact us to speak with a packaging professional about your current needs.