Reclosable poly bags provide added convenience with the ability to access items inside a bag multiple times. Many reclosable poly bags feature some type of zipper closure to assist with keeping the bag secure. There are different types of poly bag zippers designed for specific applications. Here are the types of poly bag zippers you might see when shopping for your poly bag supplies.  

String Zippers

String zippers provide your most basic plastic bag closure. These zippers provide a low-cost way to add the convenience of a reclosable zipper to poly packaging.  They are typically compatible with most bagging equipment.

Because these zippers required less raw materials to make, they are faster to produce, which allows for quick turn arounds on bag orders.  This is a no-flange type of zipper closure. String zippers are best used with lightweight to medium weight products.

Flange Zippers

Flange zippers use interlocking sections to create a sealed bag. The noticeable texture felt between the zippers can help reassure customers that they have successfully closed the bag. Double-flange zippers provide excellent closure strength and help trap small particles inside, allowing these types of bags to hold a wide variety of items.

Ribbed Zippers

Ribbed zippers are essentially the same as flange zippers, except the plastic material has ribs formed into it for extra grip and strength. These types of zippers are compatible with multiple bag styles, and they perform well at lower sealing temperatures, which helps reduce film distortion. The ribbed design allows faster production speeds on form, fill, and seal equipment, as well as pouch machines.

Double Zippers

Double zippers provide excellent sealing capabilities while still offering an easy to use bag for customers. The two zipper tracks will most likely feature flange zippers with interlocking sections that create a tight seal. The double zipper design provides peace of mind that the interior contents are secure. A textured feel helps reassure customers that the bag is closed.

Tamper-Proof Zippers

Tamper-proof bags often feature a tear strip that must be removed before the zipper closure can be opened. This prevents anyone from getting into the bag during shipping and allows for customer peace of mind upon arrival for consumables. Tamper-proof bags help prevent spillage during impacts that may cause a zipper to open by force. Common applications for these zippers include bagging pet foods, coffee, or packaged meats.

Slider Zippers

Slider-style zippers are perfect for small or medium sized bags that will hold light to medium weight items. They are easier to open compared to your standard press and close zippers, especially in applications involving gloved hands. There are many types of sliders available, including ones with an hourglass shape to improve someone’s grip as they move the slider across the bag.

Particle Plow Sliders

Particle plow sliders are designed specifically for applications involving small crumbs or granulated products. The zipper itself is designed to push smaller particles out of the zipper track as the bag is closed to keep the seal secure. These types of bags are excellent for confectionary applications or other food service industries.

Mini Sliders

Mini sliders are essentially the exact same as normal sliders, except they are smaller in size and require less material to make. This allows them to be more cost-effective for applications involving lightweight products. They function the same way normal sliders do but are simply smaller in size. They are good for applications of small lightweight products that must be packaged with gloved hands.

As you can see, there are many types of zipper closures available for poly bags. You can purchase bags that already include a specific type of zipper, or you can purchase zippers separately and convert bags into your desired product with help from a manufacturing or converting company. This would be the ideal solution for someone who is creating a completely custom bag for a particular application.