As we prepare for Halloween and the joy of trick-or-treating with our little ones, let’s give some attention to the packaging supplies that help us receive and enjoy our favorite kinds of candy. There are many types of packaging supplies used for candy, and each offers customers a chance to enjoy delicious sweets. Here’s some of the common packaging supplies used to hold different candies and other kinds of treats.

Hanging Bags

Hanging bags are frequently seen in grocery stores and other retail locations. They are a type of plastic bag that is sealed on both ends and sometimes with a back-middle seam as well.

Hanging bags have a pre-cut hole that allows them to hang easily from hooks, so they can be displayed in an attractive way. These bags hold multiple pieces of candy, which can be pre-wrapped inside the bag to preserve freshness.

Pillow Bags and Pouches

Another common type of candy packaging is a pillow pouch or bag. These are often used to hold pre-wrapped candies in bundles, so you can buy more than one piece at a time. The bags get their name from their shape, which resembles a pillow. They are found lying flat on grocery store shelves and have been known to hold mini chocolate bars and individually wrapped gummy candies.

Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted bags are often called flat-bottom bags because they feature a tucked in pleat that’s been pressed flat. It allows the bag to expand for greater carrying capacity and to keep the shape of a box if necessary. These types of poly bags can be heat sealed, tied, stapled, or taped shut. They’re the perfect poly bag for anyone looking to get more candy in a single bag. You will often see gusseted poly bags next to a pick-n-mix station where you fill up a bag full of different candies to take home.

Reclosable Zipper Bags and Pouches

Reclosable bags and pouches are essential for candy products because they give customer convenient access to their goodies while preserving freshness. Zipper closures let customers use portion control or take their candy on the go.

Candy Trays

Candy trays can be ordered in bulk in multiple sizes, or they can be custom molded to your products. These are the plastic trays you find inside deluxe two-piece boxes or gift boxes that hold individual candies in place. They are popular in assorted chocolate gift boxes where manufacturers like to display each individual chocolate separately for a clean appearance.

Twist Ties or Heat Sealers

With any poly bag application, you need a way to close the bag of candy to keep everything from falling out. That’s where twist ties and heat sealers come in handy. For simple applications that don’t require much travel time, twist ties are an inexpensive option for closing your poly bag. For candy applications that require longer shelf lives, you would want to use a heat sealer to create a durable, air-tight seal in the bag. This helps preserve the freshness and taste of your candy for longer.

Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are a great option for holding candy pieces and other sweet treats. They can be manufactured with zipper-seal closures, which help keep the interior contents fresh for use. Flexible pouches offer amazing printing capabilities, so you can add your attractive candy branding to the pouch itself. Many pouches stand up on their own, which helps you improve your shelf appearance.

Foil Wrappers

Foil wrappers are used to help preserve the freshness and taste of different candies. They are commonly seen wrapped around various chocolates and other types of delicious treats. Foil wrappers are usually supplied in various sizes and colors, plus they can be customized with printing for your application.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are frequently used by retailers for storing candy because they make for an excellent presentation. You can find gift boxes in multiple sizes and colors, plus it’s easy to customize them with printing or label applications. These will not provide an air-tight seal, so it’s best to combine gift boxes and smaller poly bags if you need to preserve the freshness and taste of your candy.

Deluxe Two-Piece Boxes

These heavier-duty boxes are used to store chocolates and other treats in an elegant display for special occasions. Think of all the Ghirardelli chocolate boxes seen during Valentine’s Day sales or the assortment of Christmas cookies prepared neatly in a little box for gift giving. The two-piece design makes them fun to open and allows a clean view of the inside of the box when the lid is removed. Deluxe boxes are often used in combination with candy trays to keep all the sweet treats separated for an attractive appearance.

Hopefully, you have a greater appreciation for the packaging that helps you enjoy your favorite candies. Whenever we crave a sweet treat, it’s the packaging that enables companies to get their creations to us for fresh consumption. There are lots of innovations in the packaging industry that help the candy industry thrive.