Tomorrow is the spookiest day of the year, so we’ve decided to send some shivers down your spine by sharing some of the worst packaging mistakes you can make. No company is perfect, and we all make mistakes from time to time. Some mistakes can cause more damage than others, but every little mistake can create setbacks on your packaging line that make you cringe. Here’s some spooky packaging mistakes to avoid this year.

Using Oversized Boxes

Choosing boxes that are too big for your product can completely wreck your budget in the long run. You may think adding some extra room is harmless, but when you sit down to crunch the numbers, it’s not a pretty sight. 

Oversized boxes can cost thousands of dollars in extra shipping charges that otherwise weren’t necessary.  You’ll also spend more filling your oversized boxes with extra void fill materials, which can quickly exhaust your budget. Many customers are also shaming companies through social media for using boxes that are too big because it’s a less sustainable approach to managing your packaging.

Overpacking Boxes

When companies are worried about the safety of their product, they can often overpack boxes and use more materials than they actually need. At first, overpacking might not seem like that big of a problem. After all, the product is definitely protected and won’t break during shipping. But unfortunately, overpacking boxes generates massive costs associated with extra packaging materials that otherwise wouldn’t be required. That’s why it’s important to calculate the packaging requirements of your product carefully to avoid paying too much for overpacked goods. In addition to added cost of the extra materials, you may be increasing the finished weight of your boxes, which will increase your shipping costs.

Under Packing Boxes

Many people are aware of the consequences for overpacking a box, but under packing something can be much worse. Under packing is defined as not providing the required level of protection a product needs to make it to its destination unharmed. Imagine the excitement a customer feels when they order a brand-new computer only to be disappointed when it arrives with a cracked screen. This is a result of under packing. Under packing provides endless opportunities for damage and can result in thousands of dollars being poured into your return and replacement operations.

Using the Wrong Tape

If you didn’t know already, there are thousands of different tapes available when it comes to packaging. The right tape will create a durable seal that holds boxes or cartons together throughout the shipping process. If you are experiencing damage to products due to tape failure, it’s time to find the right tape for your application. Many companies are making this mistake because they don’t realize that recycled boxes require a tape with more wet out. Because the fibers of recycled corrugated act differently than virgin corrugated, you need a more specialized tape to ensure a proper hold.

Not Thinking About Returns

Any company that operates an e-commerce website should care about their online return process. Online orders and returns go hand in hand, you simply cannot have one without the other. That’s why forgetting to streamline the return process for your customers can be detrimental to your brand growth. Modern shoppers expect the return process to be simple, so when you don’t deliver an easy procedure for them to follow, they are quick to point it out and share the negative experience with all their friends. This damages your brand reputation and causes other consumers to avoid your website. The customer who had the poor experience will certainly turn to other sources when they need a similar product in the future.

Hopefully, we haven’t frightened you too much with these packaging mistakes. It’s important to nail your packaging operations and avoid costly mistakes like these if you want to be successful. Every business who ships products to customers will need some type of packaging operation. There are plenty of ways to get the right supplies and equipment you need to complete your packaging line. Make sure you order what you need today so you don’t make any of these spooky packaging mistakes.