As your company matures, so should your packaging design. Packaging plays a critical role in your customer acquisition, and if you aren’t up-to-date with the latest trends, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Over time your products and processes change, which means the original packaging you once loved is probably not the right fit anymore. If this sounds like a problem you’re facing today, it’s time to take a second look and redesign your packaging. If you need a little more convincing, here are some of the reasons we think it’s a great idea to redesign your packaging now.   

Your Current Packaging is Outdated

As amazing as your original packaging design may be, it simply cannot keep up with the shifting times. Your product is changing, your company processes are evolving, and your customers are looking for different things now. The packaging you designed in the past was fit for a different purpose, and now you need something that works for what you currently have. With packaging being essential for your success, it’s critical that you see the importance of updating outdated designs. It may take a few tweaks to re-optimize your packaging, or you might need to start an entire redesign process to get where you need to be. It depends on the vision your company has for the future and what type of customer you’re going after.

Your Product Has Changed

Products are constantly changing and being updated to the latest versions to satisfy new customer needs. If your company has recently changed or updated a current product with new features, it’s time to provide new packaging to go along with it. Your old packaging might do the trick for a little while, but odds are you’ll start seeing some issues if you’ve made significant changes. The packaging you designed for the original product was made to fit it perfectly, so why doesn’t the newer version deserve packaging designed just for it? Plus, making sure the new packaging is able to protect your new product will make sure you aren’t wasting money replacing damaged goods. 

New Packaging Innovations Have Arrived

When new innovations enter the marketplace, it’s always a good idea to check them out. Who knows if a new way of doing things could cut your budget in half or provide double the protection? It’s worth it to redesign your packaging with new technology, such as better printing techniques or stronger tape. These things can drastically affect the cost, quality, and security of your product. When new packaging innovations show up on your radar, it might be time to say goodbye to old practices and embrace the new ones for better returns on investment. 

Your Branding is Changing

You would think that any company who rebrands their entire business would know to redesign their packaging strategy as well, right? Well, that’s not always the case for companies who don’t really use any custom packaging. But with a new brand comes a new way of doing things. That means everything, even your packaging, has to follow suit. For example, if you decide to go from a fun-loving brand to an adventurous and thrill-seeking one, a bright and bold box might not deliver the same messaging. Don’t even get us started on the benefits of updating to custom-branded packaging; the debate could go on for hours.

Your Packaging Budget is Off

If looking at your packaging budget makes you cringe, it’s time to do something about it. While for some very specific applications there is little that can be done to move a budget, other companies are simply missing out on extra cash. Your packaging is typically the largest cost associated with a product, which makes it an integral part of your overall budget and your profits. Redesigning your packaging can help you slash your budget for a satisfying difference. Changing the size, material, and concept of your packaging can drastically cut your spending. There are also always new things popping up in the industry, so it’s good to keep an eye on them so you can reap the cost-saving benefits.

If you’ve been considering a packaging redesign, we hope this post gives you the confidence to move forward with the process. There are plenty of reasons to redesign your packaging, and if done correctly, we’re sure you’ll see the advantages in no time.

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