Poly Bag Types for Your Packaging Needs

Poly Bag Types for Your Packaging Needs 

When it comes to the different poly bag types available to your business, the sky is the limit. It seems like there’s a never-ending list of plastic bags that can all be used to package your products, no matter what kind of items you sell or what industry you work in. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to break down the most popular varieties of poly bags that are used for packaging.  

What are Poly Bags? 

Poly bags are also more commonly known as plastic bags. Chances are pretty high that you’ve already heard one or both of these terms in the past, but when it comes to poly bag types that are specifically designed for packaging, there are a few extra details you should know. Primarily, these pouches are manufactured from a thin, flexible plastic film. They are used to contain a diverse range of goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, toys, electronics, and beyond. Poly bags for packaging are often equipped with an adhesive strip or zipper at the top to make them resealable, though there are also a variety of options that do not feature a reusable closure. Packaging poly bags come in many different sizes and styles to suit all kinds of needs. 

Gusseted Bags 

Gusseted poly bags are easily recognizable by their unique construction. Each of these bags features two pleats along the sides and a flat bottom that create a box-like effect that allows the bag to stand up straight without additional support. When using a gusseted bag, you don’t end up with what are frequently called “dog ears,” which are corners of the bag that tend to stick out and waste space when a product is inside. 

Poly Tubes 

One of the most popular poly bag types that tends to go unconsidered is a poly tube. These plastic tubes are wound onto a roll that can be unrolled to your desired length, cut, and sealed. This makes them an excellent choice for companies packaging items of a variety of sizes and dimensions, such as plants or art prints.  

Pallet Covers  

Pallet covers, also called pallet toppers, are probably not what first comes to mind when thinking about poly bag types, but they are a necessary tool for many warehouses and businesses. They act as an inverted plastic bag that’s placed on top of palletized loads to protect them against dirt, moisture, dust, and more. Pallet toppers come in many colors and are even available with built-in UV protection. 


Of the many different poly bag types, autobags are one of the most convenient and work beautifully with automatic bag sealers and packaging machines. These auto plastic bags are sold in rolls with perforated marks at set points. They’re a great choice for those who package the same product over and over again and need to do it as quickly as possible.  

Polypropylene Bags 

Polypropylene is a type of plastic that encompasses multiple bag styles. It has certain properties, like a moisture and vapor barrier, that make it an ideal option for packaging food. Better yet, it offers high clarity for beautiful presentation.  

Lip and Tape Seal Bags 

With their helpful and quick press-to-close functions, lip and tape seal bags are one of the easiest to use poly bag types. Simply place your goods inside and use light pressure from your hand to seal it tightly shut. These bags are also available with a separate open-end pouch on the outside that lets you include sensitive documents.  

Flat Poly Bags 

Flat plastic bags are one of the most common poly bag types. They come in a huge range of thicknesses and sizes to accommodate all kinds of products. Each bag safeguards your items against water, dust, and more, and will lay flat when not in use – making them ideal for those with limited storage space. 

Reclosable Poly Bags 

Chances are high that you might have a few reclosable poly bags in your kitchen right now. These versatile pouches are made from durable plastic and feature a zip-top closure that can be sealed and reopened as many times as you need. Reclosable poly bags are an exceptional solution for storage and beyond. 

Specialty Poly Bags 

The category of specialty poly bags can include a wide range of different options, but two that are particularly important to focus on are VCI poly bags and anti-static bags. VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor and bags with VCI properties are able to prevent rust on metal parts during storage or shipping. Anti-static poly bags are usually pink or black in color and safeguard your electronics against electrostatic charges that may corrupt them. 

Furniture and Mattress Bags 

Constructed from low density polyethylene material, furniture and mattress bags are fairly straightforward. Each of these bags is equipped with large side gussets that allow them to fit securely over your mattresses, couches, chairs, and more in order to protect them against dust, debris, and moisture.  

Poly Bag Types and Your Packaging 

No matter what kind of items your business manufactures or sells, there’s a poly bag out there that will perfectly suit your needs. Sarkina offers an impressive variety of choices and our expert team of product specialists can help you find the right poly bag.