Plastic Sheeting for Outdoor Use | A Guide for Beginners & Beyond

Plastic sheeting is a versatile tool with a wide range of applications. Knowing what to use outdoors, especially for an extended time, helps protect your items. No matter where you work or live, the weather can be harsh, and it certainly doesn’t care about the materials you need to leave outside. That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s so important to protect your equipment, whether you use lumber, skids, construction supplies, or anything else.  

What is Plastic Sheeting?  

Before diving into the specifics of what’s needed when you want to use plastic sheeting in the great outdoors, it's necessary to understand just what exactly this helpful material is. At the most basic level, plastic sheeting provides a protective layer that stops most dirt, debris, and water from reaching whatever it sits atop. It’s created through an extrusion process that breaks down and reshapes resin. Most plastic sheeting consists of four layers, which include two sheets of plastic film, one strong layer of scrim fabric reinforcement, and a bonding layer made up of molten resin.  

Plastic sheeting is an adaptable tool and can be used to safeguard machinery, finished products, and much more. It is utilized by a diverse range of industries, such as landscaping, construction, or masonry. This material is incredibly durable, comes in many sizes and styles, and, best of all, is offered at highly competitive rates when purchased from The Packaging Group.  

Visqueen Plastic Sheeting 

One term you may have read or heard tossed around during your conversations regarding durable outdoor plastic sheeting is visqueen. Sort of like how many people refer to tissues as Kleenex, visqueen is a trademarked name that has entered the packaging supply lexicon as a common term for a construction or agricultural grade of polyethylene sheeting. This durable plastic sheeting is made from less expensive reground resins and some recycled material. As long as it is taken care of correctly, visqueen sheeting is highly desirable for repeat usage, especially considering that it is wrinkle, rot, and weather resistant. When constructing new homes or buildings, it also effectively prevents the spread of dust and debris when hung between open spaces.  

Polyethylene Sheeting in the Outdoors 

Many businesses across a variety of industries often find themselves needing to operate away from their own location and outside of the comfort of four walls. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to leave goods and materials exposed to the elements, particularly for those who work in landscaping, construction, and other outfits that spend much of their time in the fresh air. If you find yourself in this category and need to give your gear as much protection from the elements as possible, it is of the utmost importance that you learn what kinds of plastic sheeting offer the best safeguards.  

Though you can buy all kinds of different plastic sheeting in many colors, sizes, and styles, an absolutely necessary option you should seek is the addition of UV inhibitors and blockers. These help to stop most sunlight from reaching your items, and therefore prevent fading, wear, and excess damage, which can be a common occurrence with goods that are left in the sun. 

You should also always keep the thickness of your plastic sheeting at the forefront of your mind. Thinner options in the 1 mil to 4 mil plastic film range work perfectly for light-duty applications, such as short-term storage or protection from dust and debris. If you’re keeping heavy-duty gear outside, especially for longer periods of time, you’ll likely want something thicker. Plastic sheeting that’s at least 6 mils thick offers outstanding durability and protection, as well as enhanced puncture resistance and a lower chance of tearing. These features will go a long way in keeping your items more secure and reducing unwanted wear and tear.  

Construction and Agriculture Film 

Construction and Agriculture film, which is more commonly referred to as C&A film, is a classification of tough plastic sheeting. Constructed from durable polyethylene sheeting, it is environmentally friendly and is able to hold up phenomenally in both hot and cold exterior temperatures. This makes it a great choice for a wide variety of applications, but particularly for those that take you outdoors. While all plastic sheeting offers water and weather resistance, C&A film is even better at repelling the elements than its counterparts. In addition, UV inhibitors come standard in this tough plastic sheeting, meaning your materials will last longer without experiencing harmful or unsightly sun damage. Perhaps the best reason to opt for Construction and Agriculture plastic sheeting is to take advantage of the incredible savings on energy costs, as the film prevents air infiltration to the goods underneath.  

Find Long-Lasting and Durable Outdoor Plastic Sheeting from The Packaging Group 

Whatever your plastic sheeting needs may be, The Packaging Group is standing by to assist you. We carry a wide variety of sizes, styles, and thicknesses to improve your project or packaging. Don’t hesitate to protect your gear and materials so they can last for as long as you need them. Check out our impressive lineup of clear plastic sheeting, black poly sheeting, high clarity plastic sheeting, and much more at The Packaging Group website.