Use Packaging Inserts to Maintain Customer Loyalty

Packaging inserts, sometimes called shipping inserts, are a cost-effective way to enhance your customer’s buying experience and keep them coming back to your site. A shipping insert can be one of many things and no matter which you choose, all varieties work incredibly well to give your clients an amazing encounter with you as a seller.  

We all know that it’s much easier to keep an existing client than it is to attract new shoppers. A packaging insert, such as a personalized note, product sample, or discount code, can go a long way in retaining your current consumers’ loyalty to your business.  

Why Packaging Inserts? 

When an individual makes a purchase from your company, it’s likely that you’ll be able to get a good idea of who they are as a person. At bare minimum, you know what kind of products they’re buying. This means that a package insert can be highly targeted to your exact client and help you beat all of their shopping expectations.  

Additionally, a shipping insert is remarkably affordable. Many times, it’s a simple piece of nice stationary on which you can print or leave a personalized handwritten thank you note. Alternatively, you could utilize marketing materials that you already have in stock, like a magnet or sticker, or a small product sample. These are all small enough that they won’t result in any extra shipping costs for you and are an excellent tool for cross-selling other items available on your website.  

Personalized Notes 

A personalized note is a great way for small businesses to connect with their customers. They are an easy and effective method to make your shoppers feel special and show them that you care. Whether you choose to handwrite or print these messages, be sure to keep a few things in mind.  

Always use high-quality stationary paper and include your customer’s name in the letter. Express gratitude for their business while making a note of their specific products or experience, especially if you communicated with them before they went through with their purchase. This is particularly valuable to small businesses who offer handmade or bespoke goods, as larger operations won’t have the time or personnel to accommodate tailored notes and messages.  

Discount Codes 

Show me someone who doesn’t like to save money and I’ll show you a liar. It’s well known that customers far and wide enjoy saving, especially if it’s on something they were already thinking about buying.  

Many companies opt to send discount codes via email, which oftentimes go unnoticed or get deleted by accident. A nice paper insert that includes a code for free shipping, a percentage off a future purchase, or store credit is a tangible item that the consumer won’t soon forget. Keep it low cost by printing on an insert the size of a business card, which offers the added benefit of being small enough to fit inside a wallet or be placed on the fridge with a magnet.  

Product Samples 

If it’s practical for your business, product samples are a great way to make your customers very happy. This method is particularly helpful to those who work in industries like beauty or food, but can benefit virtually anyone. If you work in distribution rather than making your own products, consider sending any samples you get from your vendors directly to your clients. 

Free samples easily build loyalty and are an exceptional way to cross sell your other products. Once your customer tries out a new hand lotion or tastes your latest popcorn flavor, they’ll be hooked and come back for more. Best of all, the sample came at a very low cost to you and you didn’t need to pay extra to ship it out, giving you an impressive return on the investment.  

Small Gifts 

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and that certainly applies to the consumers purchasing from your company. When you mail their new goods, consider throwing in a small gift. These are customized items that you can buy in bulk to keep costs down, like magnets, stickers, snacks, can koozies, and much more.  

Ideally, these gifts will include your operation’s name, logo, website, and contact information, but should relate to your business or product at the very least. When your customers feel like you’re giving to them, they won’t soon forget their experience with you and will be more likely to give back through repeat business and recommendations.  

Review Requests 

Another variety of shipping insert that brings multiple advantages is a review request. In our social media savvy and Google-friendly world, reviews can make or break a small business. Especially as you start out, building a foundation of positive reviews across many platforms is hugely advantageous.  

By using packaging inserts to kindly request a review from your customers, you can quickly gain reviews. Whether you’re looking for positive feedback on Google, Facebook, or any other platform, make sure to include that information in your message. If you can tailor it to the individual with their name and product information, you may see even more reviews roll in. 

Show Appreciation for Your Customers 

A packaging insert is a small but effective gesture that shows your customers just how much you care. When a client feels appreciated, they are more likely to post online about your shop, more likely to recommend your business to friends and family, and, most importantly, more likely to buy from you again.