Necessary Packaging Supplies for the Construction Industry

Construction helps to keep our entire nation sheltered and running, so understanding the necessary packaging supplies required for this industry is essential.  We all know the famous line, “if you build it, they will come.” As it happens, this is true for more than just a fictional baseball field, but also for real life construction. Whether it’s an exciting new restaurant, a retail shop with unique wares, or a brand-new home, when a building goes up, people will come. In order to make the construction process as smooth, efficient, and safe as possible, it’s not only necessary to have the right building materials to get the job done, but also the right packaging supplies to support those items.  

Plastic Sheeting 

Plastic sheeting is a versatile tool that can protect a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Often called C&A film (which stands for Construction and Agriculture film), plastic sheeting can be placed on top of many different items, including lumber, skids, bricks, finished floors, and other construction supplies or building products. The sheeting will help to prevent harmful elements like water, debris, dust, and more from reaching the items underneath. It is environmentally friendly, incredibly durable, cost effective, and can withstand extreme temperatures both hot and cold.  


Strapping is an effective way to bundle and unitize products. Whether you need to hold together a large pile of bricks or a stack of vinyl siding, strapping will easily do the trick. Many construction supplies are very heavy-duty, so steel and polyester strapping generally work best. Use steel for applications like pavers, steel coils, or bricks, while polyester offers outstanding retained tension for your most rigid loads and excellent recovery to absorb impacts without breakage.  


For reasons both small and large, tape is used across nearly every industry and in almost all homes in our country. In the construction business, tape is a handy method for sealing different areas, waterproofing the material underneath it, surface protection, and much more. Construction workers can even use tape as a guideline for where and where not to apply paint, as well as for quick maintenance tasks.  

Edge Protectors 

Edge protectors, which are also frequently referred to as cornerboard or Angleboard, are manufactured by global packaging leader Signode and provide an easy way to protect palletized goods from damage. This is true during the shipping process and also while your construction materials are stored at a work site. Not only do they protect products from strapping harm, but they also do a great job of lending additional stability to the pallet, which can keep it from falling over. 


Pallets are found in just about every warehouse and distribution center across the country, but they can be especially helpful for construction as well. These ubiquitous tools assist in keeping your products together, add stability, and can be used during transportation and to hold things in place while they are stored at the building location.  

Pallet Covers and Gaylord Liners 

It might seem obvious, but pallet covers go hand in hand with pallets themselves. Just like plastic sheeting, these covers are placed over top a pallet to protect the items inside from exterior contaminants. Different types of plastic pallet toppers can block out destructive UV rays or prevent water from soaking through to your sensitive items. Better yet, they can also be placed inside a gaylord bin and then used as an extra-large trash bag when you need somewhere to store your unwanted leftover materials.  

Stretch Film 

Similar to strapping, stretch film helps to unitize your products onto a pallet. The materials will be securely wrapped within the film, helping to prevent spills and breaks during transit. When they arrive at the destination, your team can leave the stretch wrap in place for added storage security until it comes time to remove the film for access to your goods.  

Protection is Key 

Like many other industries, the goal for packaging supplies in the construction business is to provide the correct amount of protection without wasting materials. Your team must be able to keep building materials safe from harm so they can be used to create safe, long-lasting structures, but you want to avoid overspending on unnecessary protective materials. This is why it is so important to understand exactly what kind of packaging supplies are vital to the construction industry. Keeping your materials away from harm means you can produce the buildings and foundations that are required to keep our society and its citizens moving forward.