Minimalist Packaging and Your Products

Minimalist packaging has been rising in popularity for the last few years and will likely stick around for many to come, so how can you use it with your products? Last time you walked into a retail or grocery store, you may have noticed an increasing number of items that don’t feature crowded or flashy designs on their containers. On a shelf full of brightly colored and gaudy packaging, chances are good that you noticed the products that elegantly showed off simple, straightforward designs. Products like these tend to stand out above the rest for a number of reasons, even if they aren’t trying to get in your face with an overload of images and colors. 

What is Minimalism?  

Minimalism as a design concept is the sparing use of different elements. While it may initially come across as somewhat basic, this means that the consumer or viewer is drawn to very specific aspects of the product or composition. As the designer or seller, this allows you to keep your customer’s primary focus on your item and the details you want to emphasize. When it comes to packaging, minimalism is most commonly conveyed through elements like color, text, images, and the actual containment materials you use.  

Branding and Messaging 

Obviously, your brand and product information are an essential element to any package or design you utilize. Minimalism is an excellent way to communicate this type of information without overloading your buyers with unnecessary messages. Through the use of limited text and images, you can tell your customers exactly what they need to know. Some examples of this could be a writing out only your business name, what the product is called, and a short list of the materials or ingredients used to make that product. You could also consider using a simple image of what the item is alongside its name or your logo. The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative – just make sure your design is clean and straightforward. 


For many people, the word minimalist brings to mind shades of black and white. While using greyscale tones isn’t uncommon, they aren’t the only options when it comes to creating minimalist packaging for your goods. If you’re looking to avoid neutrals, consider instead using muted tones of your favorite hues as the central focus of your package. You might also try using a shade like black as your base color and include a vibrant pop of red, green, or yellow as your text color. No matter which tones you select, they need to convey a straightforward message without creating a cluttered look. 

Packaging Materials 

One element of minimalism that is often overlooked when it comes to packaging design is the actual materials used, especially for ecommerce businesses who ship their items directly to the end user. When marketing to demographics that enjoy the minimalist aesthetic or seek a total minimalist lifestyle, such as the Millennial generation, it’s important note that environmentally conscious materials go hand in hand with them. This means you should use only the materials necessary to protect your items while they are in transit, and that you should take advantage of recyclable supplies like kraft paper, paperboard, or corrugated mailers and boxes. Essentially, the more eco-friendly your materials are, the better. 

Communicate a Clear Message 

Conveying a coherent and transparent message to your customers is essential when using minimalist packaging design. Because you are using fewer words and images, you need to ensure that you tell your buyers exactly what they need and want to know. Consumers often believe that minimalist design expresses a sense of honesty and authenticity, so your branding should align with this. You should be sure to do the research to understand what your target demographic is seeking out of your products, and then create unforgettable, elegant packaging that tells them just that. Minimalism allows you to do this by focusing on the most important aspects of your brand and product.  

Stand Out from the Crowd 

As the old saying goes, less is more. While it may seem counterintuitive, minimalist packaging can help you stand out among a field of products blaring out flashy messages and over-the-top design. Your product and its container will evoke a sense of calm through simple and elegant design that is sure to attract consumers. Instead of using crowded text and garish images to get attention, you’ll cut through the so-called noise to welcome buyers who want their purchases to come from honest and authentic companies. Minimalist design works wonderfully for creating beautiful product packaging and engaging with shoppers to keep them loyal to your business.