Your product packaging design is just as important as the product itself. The design of your packaging helps attract customers and provides protection for items before they are purchased. Packaging must successfully do both of these things if you hope to make sales and avoid damage costs. To make your packaging stand out, however, is much harder than you might think. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can design unique packaging and help your products stand out on the shelf.

Customize the Box

Before the consumer market became oversaturated, you could simply place your product in a box and call it a day. Now there is lots of competition no matter what product you make, so it takes a bit more effort to help you stand out above the rest. Customizing your box is a no-brainer solution to help your brand capture attention. Get creative and think designs that will help you get noticed. There are also new printing techniques that offer better image quality and color definition, so you can really come up with unique designs. It’s virtually impossible to get away without a customized box, so go ahead and start planning your designs now.

Play with Color

Color is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in your favor. When creating your packaging design, choose colors that resonate with your brand and your audience. Many consumers are driven to purchase a product based on color alone, so paying attention to your color strategy can greatly increase your potential sales. There are plenty of resources online to help you decide how to communicate certain messages with color. Be sure to do your research to find out which colors will help you influence customer perceptions of your brand.

Choose Different Shapes

Are you tired of looking at all the basic square and rectangular boxes? Well, you’re not the only one. That’s why changing the shape of your packaging can drastically increase your sales. This is one of the reasons that flexible pouches and containers have started to gain traction. They stand out against the boxes and make customers want to pick them up. How can you change the shape of your packaging to make it more attractive?

Switch Up Your Materials

There are endless options when it comes to your packaging materials. That means you have the ability to choose from a variety of box styles and sizes, void fill solutions, and more. Switching from one material to another could help you design unique packaging that leaves an impact. Many e-commerce businesses have experimented with this solution by changing the type of void fill inside their shipped packages. A simple change from air pillows to paper could drastically change how your consumer views your product and your brand. Take some time to review all of your packaging materials to see if there’s a better option that will help you create a stronger unboxing experience.

Consider Every Inch of Space

Many businesses miss out on extra branding opportunities because they fail to see how every inch of a package is useful. You have to view your packaging as a marketing tool and take advantage of any section of it that can be marked by a logo, some text, or even a printed pattern. To take full advantage of the marketing and branding opportunities a package provides, look for creative ways to use every surface. Maybe you can add a “thank you” message on the inside of a package or run a quote along the sides of your box. There are plenty of unique design opportunities if you start thinking about filling every inch of space.

Don't Try to Fit In

If everyone else who sells a similar product designs their packaging the same way, maybe you can break the mold by trying something new. For example, instead of using a box or bag to store your pasta, maybe you choose a glass container. This simple change helps your product stand out and causes consumers to see your brand differently. Get creative with your product packaging and don’t think that you have to stick to the norm to stay competitive. It’s actually the complete opposite move that will help you find success in a crowded market.

Designing unique packaging begins with the decision to focus on creating something more than just a box to hold your product. You have to include marketing information to help influence a customer’s decision to buy. If you can combine durable protection with an attractive design, your product is sure to fly off the shelf.