When you compete in a crowded market, such as a grocery store or large retail space, designing attention-grabbing packaging is the key to success. In order to generate sales, you have to first get the customer interested in what you have to offer. Your product packaging is the first thing they’ll see when browsing in a store, so it needs to be able to grab their attention and make them want to buy your product. Here’s how you can design attention-grabbing packaging that’s meant to stand out on the shelf.

Use Color Effectively

Psychologically, color can be quite effective at capturing attention. There are certain colors, like red or yellow, that are known for being more attractive on the shelf. But simply using these specific colors isn’t going to ensure your product stands out, especially if your competitors are also trying to harness the psychological effects of these same colors. Another option is to take colors used less often to try and differentiate yourself from the competition. This can help your product stand out because it is not like the other options, which can automatically draw customer attention. 

Choose Your Message Carefully

What do you want to communicate to customers with your packaging? Your product description and name should be able to attract attention from the shelf. This is where choosing your message carefully can help you get a leg up on the competition. Use attention-grabbing fonts and clever sayings to get customers interested in your product. From there, if the messaging matches the offering, they’ll be more likely to purchase your item.

Pick Unique Textures

Customers will make certain assumptions about your product based on the texture and feel of your packaging. Putting extra time into designing packaging with a unique texture can help elevate your product over the competitions in the customer’s mind. Sturdier materials make products feel better than others with flimsy materials. Glossy surfaces offer a better appearance than matte ones in most cases. There are plenty of ways to incorporate texture into your packaging design to make your product more unique.

Play with Different Shapes

Are you tired of square or rectangular boxes that all look the same? I’m sure your customers are too. That’s why it’s fun to play with the shape of your packaging and find something unique to capture attention. You don’t have to stick to one shape just because everyone else does. Yes, it is the cheapest and most convenient option, but if you have the budget and time to think outside of the box, you can create a unique shape that can help your product stand out. Different shapes will automatically make your product more attractive to customers because things that are different naturally grab our attention.

Go Against the Norm

In highly competitive markets, companies often create similar packaging designs because that’s the industry standard for your type of product. But what if you took the time to make something unique that would stand out from the other options? Going against the norm can help you find success in an over-saturated market. There are plenty of ways to redesign your packaging if you want to be different from the competition. You don’t always have to follow and copy what everyone else is doing to be successful. Sometimes it takes a little more creativity to shake up the way things are done.

Designing attention-grabbing packaging will definitely take extra time and effort. There are plenty of packaging options to help you create the ultimate finished look you want. Packaging design is incredibly important for a visual market, so it’s worth every penny to make sure your product is what customers see first. Taking the time to design attention-grabbing packaging can drastically increase your sales and raise your bottom line. Hopefully, these tips have inspired you to rethink your packaging design and find ways to capture your audience’s attention.