Creating the ultimate unboxing experience allows you to establish brand recognition and loyalty, which leads to repeat customers and greater long-term profits. Packaging was originally developed as a way to protect items in transit, but in today’s market, it’s a useful tool for differentiating your products. You don’t want to overlook the opportunities that a memorable unboxing experience can provide for your company. Here are some helpful tips for how to create the ultimate unboxing experience with various packaging and shipping materials.

Pick the Right Shipping Container

The main shipping container, whether it’s a corrugated mailer or kraft bubble mailer, will kick off the unboxing experience for your customer. This makes it one of the most significant elements to consider in your packaging strategy. Previously, companies selected shipping containers based on price alone to help their profit margins grow. In the modern era, however, businesses are thoughtfully selecting their shipping containers to create the right first impression. With e-commerce on the rise, the need to stand out is only becoming more prominent.

Shipping containers can be customized with different colors, printing techniques, and more. Take advantage of all the tools you have in the packaging industry to give your customers something to remember when they first see that package at their doorstep.

Think Differently About Your Filler

Fillers are used to remedy the void space within a package, but they can also be used to round out the overall impression of your brand. Popping bubble wrap inspires joy for many, but it won’t necessarily help you position your brand in higher-end markets. It will, however, leave the impression that your brand is fun and exciting. Other materials, like air pillows, foam or kraft paper, will create a different type of impression. Learning how to leverage these different packaging materials for branding will help you create the ultimate unboxing experience.

An example of great filler usage is the eco-friendly packing peanuts inside a Lush Cosmetic’s box. These peanuts are used not only to protect the products inside but also to show-off the playful nature of the Lush brand. It also reinforces the sustainability focus of the company, so customers can trust the brand’s messaging about their environmental impact. Another example is the sleek air pillows included in almost every Amazon box. They protect and fill the empty space of a package, but they also provide a clean look that highlights modern aspects of the Amazon brand.

Look for Opportunities to Show Off Your Brand

Packaging provides an opportunity to show off your brand, whether that’s through printed boxes, tissue, or tape. If you want customers to remember your brand's logo and recognize it in other situations, reinforcing your imagery through packaging is a good place to start.

You can take your brands logo or mission statement and print it on the box to get further brand recognition. One example of creative box printing can be seen with Hello Fresh, who prints their logo, tagline, and website address onto their boxes. They also include some entertaining quotes about food, such as “All Hail the Lime.” These added details make a customer more excited to unbox their items, and it reinforces the brand’s goal of making food fun.

Printed tape is a more economical alternative to printing directly on the shipping container. Tape can be manufactured in different colors or sizes, and it can be printed to include your logo or whatever else you’d like to display. You might recall that Amazon uses custom printed tape to help create their signature boxes. They even differentiate between Prime members and non-Prime members with their tape designs to add exclusivity to their packaging.

Find Ways to Add More Value

You can use your packaging strategy to add value to the customer beyond the product they’ve already purchased. This could come in the form of a printed newsletter inserted into each outgoing package or a sample of another product included in the box. There are plenty of creative opportunities to add more value to your packaging.

Sometimes, a company will use the packaging as a place to display instructions for a product. One example that comes to mind is the step-by-step guide for collecting a DNA sample that’s printed on the inside of a 23andMe box. This adds value to the customer’s experience by presenting important information in a convenient form rather than having them dig through a manual. You could also consider printing instructions for how to recycle the carton, an address to your website for more information, and so much more. As you can see, the options for adding more value are endless.

Elevating the unboxing experience is a simple way to leave a lasting impression on your customer. You can use packaging to effectively promote your brand’s image while delivering a quality product. As e-commerce markets continue to grow, packaging continues to be one of the simplest ways to increase awareness and brand recognition.