How to Create Luxury Packaging for Premium Products

Luxury packaging is an essential when selling premium products. To enhance your brand, it’s necessary that your materials are as high-end as the items they carry. In 2016, the luxury goods market was valued at an incredible $13.77 billion worldwide and has only expanded in the years since. More than ever, customers are looking for high-quality products and they expect the packages they come in to be just as opulent.  

How Do We Define Luxury Packaging and Products? 

The word luxury is a common term that many already understand. When it comes to luxury products or packaging, it’s important to know how brands market goods to their target demographics or customers. In this retail space, less is more. Companies who specialize in the luxury market aren’t trying to attract literally everyone, but only an exclusive group of shoppers. Instead of using packaging material to loudly announce that their products are on the shelf for everyone to see, touch, and buy, these brands leverage sophisticated and subtle design to draw in a select few. For luxury retailers, their competitive edge doesn’t come from mass sales, but rather from brand perception and high-end, high-cost goods and materials. 

The Luxury Market is Growing 

While the exclusivity factor is essential to these brands, it’s important to note that the luxury market as a whole is growing. Before the age of online shopping, many retailers could reach only limited markets. Now, companies across all verticals can access previously untapped groups and demographics. This means that luxury buyers can be found worldwide and can purchase from brands around the globe that they may not have been able to patronize in the past.  

Design Simplicity 

One of the most effective packaging design strategies for luxury goods is to keep it simple. Luxury brands don’t need a bunch of loud, vibrant, contrasting colors and images competing with one another for attention on their boxes. Materials should exude feelings of rarity and refinement. This can be achieved by just one or two understated tones and a well-placed logo. You don’t need to go overboard with bright graphics or funky emblems. Keep your fonts and style elegant and let shoppers come to you, instead of you going to them. 

Subtle Colors and Imagery 

The use of understated colors and images goes hand in hand with design simplicity. A combination of vibrant colors has the tendency to draw attention from across a room and doesn’t provide the exclusive image you want to portray. While you can still include one bright shade, make sure to pair it with a more muted tone like black, white, or grey, instead of another color with equal amounts of pop. Should you include any subtle images or graphics, like a logo or photo insert, consider using greyscale or a muted shade of a classic color like red or blue.  

Sophisticated Senses 

Luxury packaging shouldn’t just look elegant, it should also feel that way. When a buyer picks up the box that contains your goods, they should immediately get a sense of refinement. This can be achieved fairly simply. Instead of inexpensive supplies, invest in high-quality materials. For example, use a heavyweight paperboard box, thick tissue papers inside that box, or silk ribbons to tie around it. As a luxury brand, you provide expensive goods, so you can’t cheap out on the materials they come packaged in. While this type of packaging may cost more, it goes a long way in providing the luxury experience your shoppers want.  

A Refined Experience at Every Moment 

Speaking of luxury experiences, you need to ensure that every step of the buying process exudes refinement for your consumers. Even if your buyers make their purchase in a physical retail location, they should go home to the excitement of opening your products all over again. You can include elements like soft ribbons, heavyweight pull tabs on the box itself, and more. Additionally, you can enhance this experience even further through personalization. Whether your store is online, in a brick and mortar shop, or both, give your customers the option to feature the names of loved ones on their product boxes and use fine inks in stunning script to do so.  

Luxury at Every Turn 

By utilizing high-quality packaging for their goods, luxury brands are able to maintain the perceptions that surround them. Customers expect more from these companies – they want to feel like they are part of a special club at every step of their purchase and for years to come once they take the item home. Luxury packaging materials are an easy and effective way to cultivate and preserve an exclusive brand identity that keeps consumers intrigued and wanting more.