Fill the Void and Your Wallet with Air Pillows

Case Study: Fill the Void and Your Wallet with Air Pillows 

One of the most integral components of any packaging setup is void fill. Void fill packaging is defined as exactly what its name implies – it takes up the empty space (the void) in a box or container that holds a product for storage or shipment. This stops the item from slamming into the walls of the carton and breaking when it is handled or while it travels to the customer. In the past, some of the most popular varieties of void fill were packing peanuts or crumpled paper, while newer options tend to be foam or air pillow packaging. No matter what kind of business you operate or products you sell, there’s a void fill method that is certain to work for you. Today, we’re taking a look at one unique customer who was able to utilize air pillow packaging for their own advantage and incredible savings.  

Before we met with this customer, they had been using leftover newspaper as their void fill strategy. While this certainly seemed like a cheaper option, it wasn’t very appealing to the end user and was far from efficient. After examining their entire process, our team stepped in to recommend air pillows as the way to go. There are many different types of air pillows available, which still gave our customer a diverse range of options to protect their product.  

The Dilemma 

Our customer was using newspaper to protect products during storage and transit. This seemed like an economical choice for void fill packaging, but it wasn’t providing the protection these items needed. 

  1. Products were damaged during shipment 
  2. Placing the newsprint into each box was time consuming 
  3. Newspaper presented an unappealing, cheap appearance to the end users opening the package 

The Air Pillow Solution 

Our team thoroughly examined the client’s entire packaging process and methods to determine that air pillows are the right choice to protect their products from harm. Check out the many benefits that came along with them: 

  1. Air pillows keep the items in place within their containers better than newspaper, resulting in less shipping damage 
  2. The company can have its logo printed directly onto the air pillow, enhancing the visual appeal of the entire package 
  3. Return rates have dropped to almost zero since the implementation of air pillows, saving the company on needing to replace or refund the original items 

Protected Packages and Full Wallets 

After making the switch to air pillows, our customer has seen huge drops in returns and saved thousands. Air pillows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They are easy to add to virtually any packaging line and can improve the safety of your products. Contact us today for more info and to get started on adding air pillow packaging to your operation!