Subscription boxes are available in every kind of niche, whether you want a curated selection of foreign snacks or a collection of makeup samples to try. These boxes of goodies are delivered monthly in a recognizable box that excites customers each time it arrives. It takes a lot of planning and strategy to present a good subscription box service, and part of that planning involves figuring out your packaging strategy. Here are some essential packaging supplies for subscription boxes that you should be aware of if you plan to create something similar for your target market.

Corrugated Mailers and Small Boxes

Obviously, you need a sturdy box that can hold a variety of items each month. You don’t want to change your box type every single month to accommodate new subscription items, so you need to pick something that is fairly universal for the types of products you plan to include. Corrugated mailers and small boxes are excellent for monthly subscription services because they are lightweight to help save on shipping, but durable enough to work for many types of products. Many companies have adopted the tab locking corrugated mailer because it provides durable protection and a secure closure. It’s rather common in the subscription box market.

Label Printers and Supplies

Each month, a new wave of boxes goes out to each of your customers. Every time a shipment is required, there is a need to label the box properly to ensure it arrives at the right location. If you are running a monthly subscription box service, you should invest in label printers to make the process of getting these boxes ready for shipment easier. Labels can be printed quickly so they are ready to apply immediately. This helps reduce the time it takes to get boxes out the door and allows you to send shipments on time without delay due to labeling issues.

Custom Void Fill

Subscription boxes require a high level of branding to ensure customers remain excited about your company and the products they receive each month. This is one of the easiest ways to inspire customer loyalty and repeat business. Custom void fill is a great way to add branding touches to a package without raising your budget too much. You can find printed tissue paper, air pillows, kraft paper, and more to elevate your unboxing experience. This allows you to purchase materials that not only keep product safe in transit, but also provide marketing advantages for your business.

Packing List Envelopes

Packing list envelopes are essential for subscription box packaging operations because each month there are multiple products that need to make it inside the box. These envelopes allow you to insert and remove paperwork that tells packing line employees what needs to be included. This will ensure nothing is forgotten, even if you have multiple levels of subscription services with different product lists. Without a clear list of items to include, you risk having to send extra shipments to customers who don’t receive everything they’re supposed to. You also upset customers who are excited about specific items that never show up.

Customer Marketing Materials

When a customer receives your subscription box, they need something inside that tells them everything they’ve been given. This is where extra marketing materials come in handy, such as product description printouts and discount codes for full-size versions of any samples from your shop, if you have one. These marketing materials are essential because they are one of the only ways for your online business to connect with customers. Each month you can help reinforce brand loyalty and include information inside the box that is helpful for your customers.

As you can see, there are a lot of packaging supplies that are considered essential for any subscription box service. If you plan to run a successful subscription service, your packaging operations have to run smoothly in order to get everyone’s order out on time. These packaging supplies listed above will help you control your packaging operations and ensure everyone on your customer list receives their goodies each month.