Cosmetics and Beauty Packaging Tips

Cosmetics and Beauty Packaging Tips

For hundreds of years, makeup and skincare products have been popular with people seeking to change their appearance, soften their skin, or just have a little bit of fun. Makeup products are still incredibly prominent in the modern world, whether they’re used for daily wear to the office, eye-catching costume effects, or just for special occasions. In fact, the beauty industry was globally valued at an outstanding $532 billion in 2019 and that number is expected to continue climbing over the coming years. If you’re looking to break into the game or are already selling your favorite lipsticks and lotions, it’s important to make sure your packaging is just as good as the makeup it holds. Here are some key trends to consider, as well as some cosmetics and beauty packaging tips you won’t want to forget.  

A Crowded Field 

Along with the popularity of cosmetics and beauty products comes a busy, busy market of sellers and manufacturers. To put it frankly, there are what seems to be thousands of individual companies, both small and large, all trying to break into the field and hope their makeup and skincare goods will outsell the rest. For someone just starting out, this can feel pretty daunting, but there is good news. There are myriad ways to outshine the competition, even among a landscape of big-name, corporate retailers. Better yet, these are often simple, straightforward strategies that nearly anyone can utilize. 

Know Your Buyers 

One beneficial aspect of the beauty and cosmetics industry is that because there are so many people who purchase these items, you have a wide range of different audiences to which you can market. You may choose to create a budget brand that’s accessible to just about anyone or instead target a luxury niche that’s made up of the most exclusive packaging and products. Maybe your brand will fall somewhere in the middle and opt for a gothic look that markets to edgy teenagers or perhaps a refined floral motif that suburban moms will love. No matter which demographic you plan to sell your products to, your packaging must reflect it. You wouldn’t want to market a high-luxury item to a group of people who prefer a low-cost, no-hassle skincare routine. For that reason, your inner and outer packaging must reflect the identities and interests of those who want to buy your products. 

Timeless Trends 

While it may be difficult to decide who exactly your makeup or skincare brand is going to target, there are a few timeless trends that can be applied across any type of packaging. Whether your primary buyers are tween girls or professional makeup artists, there are certain design elements that can be used in nearly any kind of marketing. Buyers, especially those purchasing from a brick-and-mortar shop, are going to first notice color, then shapes and symbols, and finally words. Using minimalist design features with splashes of color can provide a striking aesthetic that can be customized based on your target consumer base. Compelling shapes and symbols are equally universal, especially because this can simply be your logo placed front and center. Not only can your brand logo help attract consumers, but it also helps to tell your brand story. One other packaging element that makeup and beauty shoppers in all audiences enjoy is tactile materials. Laminated coatings that feel smooth to the touch or an embossed logo that allows a potential customer to feel ridges are both effective options that can make your makeup packaging stand out in a crowded market. Tactile elements add a little extra elegance to any kind of product packaging. 

Eco-Friendly for Everyone 

Many beauty and cosmetics packaging design trends have been around for ages, but there are a few more modern fads that seem to be here to stay. Of those, the most prominent is green packaging. Sustainable materials and manufacturing processes are all the rage because consumers across all demographics want to do their part to help the planet. No matter what kind of customer buys your products, there will definitely be members of that audience who prefer products packaged in recyclable components that are manufactured using clean energy. For you, this means that paper-based boxes and void fills are always an excellent choice, as consumers perceive paper as much more eco-friendly than plastic. You should also advertise that your green packaging is just that and let people know that they’ll be helping the environment with your products.  

An Experience They’ll Love 

More than anything else, your customers are looking for an experience. Of course they need to love your products, but to truly set your brand apart, you need to give them a purchasing experience they won’t soon forget. Packaging is a simple and effective strategy for providing that experience, which is made abundantly clear in the popularity of online unboxing videos. By using aesthetically appealing outer packaging with striking design (like a custom branded box), followed by exciting inner packaging (colorful tissue paper or kraft paper as a void fill are both excellent choices), you can keep buyers coming back time and time again. Whether you’re trying to draw attention from retail shelves or trying to keep online customers returning to your site, effective cosmetics and beauty packaging is one of the most important methods in creating lifelong buyers.