More customers are relying on home delivery services for important consumables like food and medication, which creates a growing need for cold shipping packaging supplies. These products must be kept fresh until they are delivered. It sounds like a simple task in theory, but in practice it requires special cold temperature packaging and speedy shipping times. This process can be complicated to set up, so to help you out, here are some popular cold shipping supplies you can use to keep your products in pristine condition before they reach the customer.

Insulated Box Liners

You can use insulated box liners to transform any container into a cool sanctuary for your products during short term shipping. These liners are space-saving, economical, and easy to install. They won’t protect products for long periods of time, but for overnight deliveries, they can keep items cool inside the box, especially when liners are paired with cold packs. They are great for shipping speedy deliveries of products like chocolate or medication. To use insulated box liners, you simply find the size that matches your container size and insert it into the box before adding products inside and sealing.

Insulated Shipping Kits

When you purchase an insulated shipping kit, you receive a box and a special foam insert designed to fit perfectly inside. This foam insert provides insulation that keeps the temperatures inside the box much cooler. When combined with dry ice or cold packs, an insulated shipping kit can keep items fresh until they reach the customer. The amount of time an insulated shipping kit can keep products fresh depends on the shipping times and type of product. More sensitive products should be given extra protection, and all companies should consider testing to ensure the kit holds up to their standards.

Insulated Mailers

Insulated mailers feature a special outer layer that helps cool off the package and a bubble-lined interior for protecting fragile goods. These insulated mailers are ideal for shipping small or lightweight products without spending a fortune on packaging or shipping charges. They are used frequently to mail medication and samples of products that may be sensitive to temperature changes.

Cold Packs

Insulated boxes and mailers will only keep products cool for short periods of time, such as overnight shipping. For products traveling longer distances or to keep items safe during potential shipping delays, you can use cold packs. Cold packs are made from non-toxic materials and they stay cold for longer than normal ice blocks. When combined with insulated shipping containers, they can extend the freshness of products past overnight shipping, even up to two-day shipping. Cold packs are great for keeping frozen meats and vegetables fresh until they arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

Cold Temperature Tape

When you keep products cool in refrigerated carriers, you need to make sure the boxes are sealed with cold temperature tape. Not all tapes can maintain their adhesive power in lower temperatures, which can cause some boxes to come undone. This leaves products vulnerable to damage or spoiling. Cold temperature tapes are formulated with special adhesion properties that allow them to keep boxes sealed in low temperatures, so you can be sure everything makes it to the final destination in proper condition.

Temperature Indicators

If you are worried about your packages mishandled during shipping, you can use temperature indicators on your boxes to provide indisputable evidence of mishandling. Temperature indicators can be affixed to packaging to provide a visual warning to employees that the contents inside are sensitive to temperature changes. Should the temperatures go above or below the requirements you’ve established, the indicator will turn red to notify the receiver. They can then check the contents and determine if the products are still safe to consume. These indicators help you monitor packages once they leave your warehouse, and they give you more control in incidents where mishandling occurs.

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to cold shipping packaging. Whether you’re mailing food or medication, you can find a solution that will ensure every customer receives a safe and ready to use product. These cold temperature packaging supplies are excellent for distributing temperature-sensitive products. It’s always best to do proper testing to ensure the solutions you’ve chosen are working as intended.