Amazon Shipping Boxes: Where to Get Them

These days, we see corrugated boxes just about everywhere. In aisles at the grocery store, behind the counter at your local gas station, and especially in our homes. We all know that online shopping has exploded in popularity over the last decade and that means products are being shipped to our houses on a weekly basis, if not daily. The boxes our new items arrive in tend to fill our home, but if you’re preparing to start up your own online retail business, you may not know where to find these boxes or which kind to use. This is particularly true if you plan to become a seller on Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. Where do you go to find the right Amazon shipping boxes that will protect your goods and meet all of the company’s stringent packaging requirements? 

The World’s Largest Online Shopping Site 

It pretty much goes without saying that Amazon is the world’s biggest online shopping website. Over 95 million Americans are members of Amazon Prime and the average member spends approximately $1,400 on the site every single year. Amazon currently has more than 12 million products listed, and more than 50% of its sales come from third-party retailers like yourself. About 80% of those third-party sellers also utilize other retail methods, but when it comes to Amazon, it’s usually best practice to let them ship your products directly to your buyers for you. In fact, using the company's FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service can give you a sales increase of as much as 30-50% over what you would see if you chose to ship on your own. Should you choose to take advantage of the FBA program, you’ll need to meet all of Amazon’s conditions for packaging and shipping your products to their warehouses. 

You Need Amazon Shipping Boxes 

Chances are, you’re planning to send your products to the Amazon warehouse nearest you in a box. Corrugated boxes are a great way to protect your items during the shipping and handling processes and there are tons of options available, so you never have to worry about finding the right size. Better yet, they’re a budget-friendly packaging material that won’t break the bank. With all that said, the fact that there are so many choices on the market can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. How do you know which shipping box will best suit your specific needs? How can you differentiate between the boxes that meet all of Amazon’s many shipping box requirements and the ones that don’t? First, it’s necessary to break down all of the Amazon box standards you need to know. 

Amazon Shipping Box Requirements 

It’s difficult to become the largest e-commerce shopping platform in the world without setting some operational standards, and Amazon has set more than just a few. Among their many business requirements are some pretty stringent stipulations for how third-party sellers must package and ship their items when sending the product to an Amazon warehouse. Let’s take a look at the basic standards you’ll need to follow when utilizing the FBA service: 

  1. Boxes must have six sides 
  2. Lids shouldn’t be able to easily open on their own or in transit (this means you’ll need to secure them with tape, staples, or another durable sealing product!) 
  3. Boxes must not collapse when medium pressure is applied to any side 
  4. Perforated boxes must pass a 3-foot drop test 
  5. Non-Amazon labels on the box are unacceptable 

Those are only the base-level requirements for shipping to the Amazon warehouse, but what do they mean for you as a third-party retailer? Firstly, you’ll need to find the right Amazon shipping boxes for your business, because the e-commerce giant isn’t going to provide them to you. And if you send the wrong type of box, you’ll get hit with extra fees. On their website, Amazon specifically states that they “may refuse, return, or repackage any product delivered to a fulfillment center with inadequate or non-compliant packaging at your expense.” That’s rough.  

Where Can I Find Affordable Amazon Shipping Boxes? 

To save on costs, you might be tempted to head over to your nearest grocery store to see if they have any extra boxes to spare. This will certainly save you money immediately, but could end up costing you in the long run. This method of acquiring boxes means that you can’t pick the best size to protect your product, that the boxes may not be as strong as you need, and they’ll likely be covered in barcodes, stickers, and other marketing information from the previous user. Thankfully, this is where Sarkina can help you out. Along with thousands of other packaging materials, we carry a huge variety of corrugated boxes that are ideal for shipping to Amazon. You have your choice of many, many different box sizes, but more importantly, our corrugated shipping boxes are able to stand up to all of Amazon’s requirements. Additionally, most of our corrugated material has already passed a variety of edge and compression testing, which is another requirement for Amazon shipping boxes. Sarkina can easily assist you in finding the right corrugated Amazon shipping boxes at even better prices.