Many businesses have considered using automation for their packaging strategies, but some are hesitant to take that initial leap into the world of automation. Whether you’re worried about the costs or unsure of the benefits that automation can bring to your company, the world is changing. And it’s changing fast. Automation is how you keep up with the competition, or better yet, surpass them. No matter what the size of your company may be, there are ways to integrate automation into your packaging strategy. Here are 5 simple machines that will help you experiment with entry-level automation without getting too involved in hefty costs.

Automatic Tape Dispensers

Automatic tape dispensers enhance the efficiency of your packaging line by cutting back material costs and improving worker’s ability to apply tape effectively. Workers often use more materials than necessary, especially in high volume applications where speed is necessary. The tape dispenser perfectly regulates the length of tape given, which allows your company to save on material costs over time. An automatic tape dispenser will also save time because workers will not have to stop between each box to measure and cut tape before applying it. This allows your packaging line and your inventory to move faster.

Semi-Automatic Twist Tie Machines

Semi-automatic twist-tie machines can speed up the process of closing poly bags and give your workers a break from mundane tasks. Applying twist ties over and over again can become quite monotonous for your employees, and they will get tired of twisting the ties as the day goes on. This can create imperfect applications, which means your bags might not be secure. The semi-automatic machine eliminates smaller steps of the process and gives your workers a boost in productivity.

Automatic Bag Openers

The automatic bag opener inflates a poly bag to create an opening for filling. Workers can quickly slide items inside the inflated poly bag and then pull the bag off the machine to be sealed. Your employees can continuously fill bags without stopping because this machine eliminates the need to open bags by hand, which saves time on your packaging line.

Automatic Label Dispensers

Peeling the backing off a label takes time and it can be quite frustrating for your employees if the label does not cooperate. This is where an automatic label dispenser can make all the difference. These dispensers peel the backing off the label and leave the sticky side ready for application. If you’re looking to speed things up on your packaging line, an automatic label dispenser is a great place to start. The dispenser limits the amount of error that can occur, so you won’t be throwing away as many defective labels during the day. It also allows your employees to get the labels on boxes much faster while speeding up your whole packaging process.

Automatic Air Pillow Machines

Air pillows have numerous benefits, including lower costs and less storage requirements. An automatic air pillow machine will produce void fill material on demand. These air pillows can be used for protection, wrapping, bracing, and simply filling the empty space of a box. Automatic air pillow machines send air through the plastic material and seal it as it gets pumped out. Workers can tear off the amount they need and put it in the box. These machines are much easier to deal with compared to peanuts or bubble wrap, and they hardly take up any space compared to other void fill methods.

As you can see, the world of automation is full of possibilities. There are plenty of entry-level machines to add to your collection for improved efficiency on the packaging line. We aim to challenge the impressions that many business owners have of entry-level automation by providing affordable solutions for everyday tasks. Once you’ve taken the leap, you can use those extra savings to dive deeper into what automation has to offer.