1. Poly Strapping Types and Benefits

    Poly Strapping Types and Benefits

    Poly strapping, including polypropylene and polyester strapping, offers a variety of advantages when it comes to securing your load for shipment and transit. While steel strapping is still widely used, industry trends show that it is currently experiencing a downturn in popularity, primarily due to cost and safety concerns. This is where durable plastic strapping comes into play. 

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  2. Fromm Battery-Powered Combination Poly Strapping Tools

    Fromm Battery-Powered Combination Poly Strapping Tools

    Fromm battery-powered combination strapping tools are versatile, user-friendly devices that make it easy for your business to boost productivity and save money. With the purchase of a new Fromm semi-automatic or fully-automatic strapping tool, you’ll soon see a reduction in manual labor, fewer worker injuries, and an increase in long-term savings.  

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  3. Orgapack Battery-Powered Poly Strapping Tools

    Orgapack Battery-Powered Poly Strapping Tools

    Orgapack battery-powered strapping tools make it simple to increase productivity and maximize efficiency when working with polypropylene or polyester strapping. When you introduce one of these capable semi-automatic or fully automatic strapping tools to your operation, you’ll quickly see faster work output, fewer employee injuries, and better performance all around.  

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  4. Signode Battery-Powered Strapping Tools

    Signode Battery-Powered Strapping Tools

    Signode battery-powered strapping tools work hard so you don’t have to. Streamline your process with these quick, accurate, and convenient semi-automatic devices.

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  5. A Guide to Metal Strapping Seals

    If you're curious about metal strapping seals and the options available, here's a simple guide to understanding what seals are designed for different applications and the types of joints they create.

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  6. Types of Strapping Joints

    When closing two strapping ends together, you create a joint that will determine the total strength of your strapping. Here's the different types of joints you can make. 

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  7. Strapping Break Strength vs. Tensile Strength

    Although some might get them confused, break strength and tensile strength are not the same. Understanding both of these strapping characteristics is essential if you want to select the right materials for your application.

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  8. 3 Pallet Load Types You Need to Know

    There are three types of pallet load profiles that you should understand if you work in the packaging industry. The type of load determines which materials you need to stretch wrap or strap everything together, so it's critical that you get it right.

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  9. Strapping Elongation Recovery and Retained Tension

    Elongation recovery and retained tension are two important strapping factors that help determine what your packaging needs are. Here's a simple breakdown of what both are, so you know exactly how to choose your strapping supplies.

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