Shrink Wrap

  1. Common Shrink Wrap Problems

    When working with shrink wrap, the right heating conditions must be met in order to provide an attractive and protective covering for your products. Shrink wrap can be used to add a complete and finished look to your packaging that is also protective against dust, dirt, moisture, and tampering. Sometimes, during the application process, shrink film can be applied with certain defects or unappealing finishes. Here’s some of the common shrink wrap problems you might experience, and how to handle them.

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  2. Types of Shrink Packaging

    Shrink packaging is available in many different formats. Depending on your application, you may be able to use one type of shrink packaging more effectively than another. Here's the different types of shrink packaging available. 

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  3. Shrink Wrap Benefits and Advantages

    Shrink film can be implemented into your current system to improve efficiency, eliminate unnecessary materials, and increase your bottom line. If you’re curious about the many benefits and advantages of shrink wrap, keep reading to see how it might be useful for your application.

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