Packaging Professionals

  1. Maximize Your Supply Chain Savings

    Maximize Your Supply Chain Savings

    Your supply chain is a dynamic sequence that gets products where they need to go. Costs can quickly add up, so let’s look at how you can maximize supply chain savings. No matter what step of the process you’re in – manufacturing, distribution, shipping, or receiving – unexpected expenses can easily pop up and take you by surprise. Over time, this can lead to diminished profits and worse.  

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  2. Certifications for Packaging Professionals

    Being a certified packaging professional provides better opportunities for advancement throughout your career. Here's some of the certifications you can pursue to give your resume more of an impact in future interviews. 

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  3. Inventory Management Techniques

    Are you familiar with some of the popular inventory management techniques? These are some of the top ways that companies, big and small, like to keep track of their inventory and keep product ready for their customers. Inventory management is essential not only for your actual products, but also the packaging supplies that go along with them. 

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  4. Skills All Procurement Professionals Should Know

    When it comes to procurement, there are certain skills you need your employees to have. This will help them get whatever supplies you need on a timely schedule and at the right price. Here are the top skills we think all procurement professionals should have. 

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