1. What You Need to Know About Smart Labels

    Smart labels are improving inventory management systems by eliminating the need to scan barcodes by hand. They offer some amazing benefits that increase your ability to track and manage products as they move from one location to the next. Here's what you need to know about smart labels before you start researching how to implement them in your warehouse.

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  2. Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Labels

    Direct thermal and thermal transfer labels are commonly used in the packaging industry for many applications, including barcode labels. There are some key differences between the two you should know before selecting which type of label is right for your application. Keep reading to learn more about Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer labels.

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  3. 5 Ways to Apply a Label

    The way you apply a label is just as important as the type of label you use. There are 5 different ways to apply a label, and each offers unique benefits and advantages that can be applied to your packaging strategy. Read this article to learn about the 5 ways to apply a label.

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