E-commerce Packaging

  1. Board Game Packaging and Shipping Tips

    Board Game Packaging and Shipping Tips

    Games are a great way to connect with friends or stay entertained while stuck at home, which is why we’re providing handy board game packaging and shipping tips.

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  2. How Online Retailers Can Help Deter Package Theft

    How Online Retailers Can Help Deter Package Theft

    With the advent of online shopping has come a rise in package theft from consumers’ porches and doorsteps. What steps can retailers take to help deter this crime? 

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  3. Understanding Customer Expectations for Shipping

    Understanding Customer Expectations for Shipping

    Understanding customer expectations for the shipping process is important to maintaining loyalty, delivering quality products, and protecting your bottom line. In the age of the internet and online shopping, it’s only reasonable that consumers expect that their purchases arrive safely and in proper working order. As the seller and shipper, you need to at least meet those expectations, though exceeding them with impressive packaging can go a long way toward ensuring the customer continues to buy from you time and time again. 

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  4. Use Packaging Inserts to Maintain Customer Loyalty

    Use Packaging Inserts to Maintain Customer Loyalty

    Packaging inserts, sometimes called shipping inserts, are a cost-effective way to enhance your customer’s buying experience and keep them coming back to your site. A shipping insert can be one of many things and no matter which you choose, all varieties work incredibly well to give your clients an amazing encounter with you as a seller.  

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  5. How the Unboxing and Packaging Experience Can Enhance Your Brand

    How the Unboxing and Packaging Experience Can Enhance Your Brand

    Unboxing is a pivotal moment in your ecommerce customer’s shopping experience. Exciting or compelling packaging can leverage your brand to keep buyers engaged. 

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  6. Should Color Trends Affect Your Packaging Design?

    Color has a massive impact on product branding and the way your company is perceived by customers. Every year, new color trends are popping up and affecting the market. These color trends may be useful to businesses who deal with consumer goods, but at the same time, should you try to use each new color trend in your packaging design?

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  7. 2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

    Make sure you stay on top of this year's holiday shipping deadlines, so you can keep up with all your shipments for the season. 

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  8. 15 Amazon Packaging Acronyms You Need to Know

    If you want to successfully incorporate Amazon into your e-commerce strategy, you'll need to understand their lingo when it comes to packaging. Here are 15 packaging acronyms that Amazon may use to communicate with you. 

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  9. 3 Major Challenges of Sustainable Packaging

    The growing popularity of the sustainable packaging movement has many brands considering how they can make their current packaging more environmentally friendly. But sustainable packaging presents a few major challenges to those who want to incorporate it effectively into their packaging operations...

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  10. Essential Packaging Supplies for Subscription Boxes

    Putting together the perfect subscription box service requires a strong packaging design. To complete your subscription box design, here's the essential packaging supplies  you need to make the ultimate unboing experience. 

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  11. Simple Packaging Tips for the Holidays

    We hope these simple packaging tips for the holidays have given you extra confidence in your packaging strategy for the season. Managing increased orders and shipments during the holidays might seem impossible, but the more prepared you are, the easier your job will be.

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  12. How to Design Attention-Grabbing Packaging

    Attention-grabbing packaging can help increase sales and customer acquisition. Making your packaging stand out can be tough, especially in highly competitive markets. Here's some tips for how you can design attention-grabbing packaging to make sure products are flying off the shelf. 

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