Custom Packaging

  1. Cosmetics and Beauty Packaging Tips

    Cosmetics and Beauty Packaging Tips

    For hundreds of years, makeup and skincare products have been popular with people seeking to change their appearance, soften their skin, or just have a little bit of fun. If you’re looking to break into the game or are already selling your favorite lipsticks and lotions, it’s important to make sure your packaging is just as good as the makeup it holds. Here are some key trends to consider, as well as some cosmetics and beauty packaging tips you won’t want to forget. 

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  2. How to Create Luxury Packaging for Premium Products

    How to Create Luxury Packaging for Premium Products

    Luxury packaging is an essential when selling premium products. To enhance your brand, it’s necessary that your materials are as high-end as the items they carry. In 2016, the luxury goods market was valued at an incredible $13.77 billion worldwide and has only expanded in the years since. More than ever, customers are looking for high-quality products and they expect the packages they come in to be just as opulent.

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  3. What is Tactile Packaging?

    What is Tactile Packaging?

    Tactile packaging uses a customer’s sense of touch to attract them to your product, keep them engaged with it, and help you stand out in a crowd of similar items.  

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  4. Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

    Valentine’s Day Packaging Design

    Memorable Valentine’s Day packaging is an easy way to catch your customer’s attention with a little extra something special to celebrate and remember their day. 

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  5. Specialty Kraft Paper as a Custom Damage Prevention Solution

    Specialty Kraft Paper as a Custom Damage Prevention Solution

    Specialty kraft paper is a simple and affordable way to prevent product damage during transit. Let’s review the many available options to help you customize your packaging.

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  6. Should Color Trends Affect Your Packaging Design?

    Color has a massive impact on product branding and the way your company is perceived by customers. Every year, new color trends are popping up and affecting the market. These color trends may be useful to businesses who deal with consumer goods, but at the same time, should you try to use each new color trend in your packaging design?

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  7. Essential Packaging Supplies for Subscription Boxes

    Putting together the perfect subscription box service requires a strong packaging design. To complete your subscription box design, here's the essential packaging supplies  you need to make the ultimate unboing experience. 

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  8. Simple Packaging Tips for the Holidays

    We hope these simple packaging tips for the holidays have given you extra confidence in your packaging strategy for the season. Managing increased orders and shipments during the holidays might seem impossible, but the more prepared you are, the easier your job will be.

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  9. Unique Shipping Boxes for Custom Packaging

    There are many ways to ship an order, but everything starts with the box. Make sure you stand out with a unique shipping box that will enhance your customer packaging design.

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  10. Ways to Reduce Plastic Use in Your Packaging

    If you're beginning to wonder how you might reduce your plastic packaging use, here are some simple changes you can make to impact your sustainability efforts. Plastic packaging has a lot of benefits in terms of stable product storage, but isn't always the best option in regards to recycling. These ways to reduce plastic packaging can help you keep your products secure while making your packaging more eco-friendly. 

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  11. Types of Flexible Pouches

    There are many different types of flexible pouches available, so you’re sure to find something that works for your application. Here are some of the different flexible pouches you can buy for your products.

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  12. How to Design Attention-Grabbing Packaging

    Attention-grabbing packaging can help increase sales and customer acquisition. Making your packaging stand out can be tough, especially in highly competitive markets. Here's some tips for how you can design attention-grabbing packaging to make sure products are flying off the shelf. 

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