Available in a variety of styles, anti-static plastic bags and convoluted foam sets protect your items from electrostatic charges.

  • Sold in transparent pink, solid pink, and black colors for enhanced protection.
  • Anti-static bags are sold in poly bags and poly tubes.
  • Black static shielding bags offer full Faraday cage protection for your materials.
  • Pink Anti-Static Bags protect electronic components from static build-up as well as dirt, dust, and moisture.

Anti-static poly bags and other anti-static products are most commonly used in the electronics industry. In order to prevent static charges to the individual parts or components during transportation, these specialty plastic bags contain additives that eliminate the charges. Most are pink, but it is also very common to find black anti-static plastic bags. Black conductive poly bags include a layer of carbon-loaded polyethylene, which provides full Faraday Cage protection.

Not only does Sarkina offer traditional anti-static plastic bags, but there is also an impressive lineup of anti-static poly tubing. This plastic tubing can be easily cut to size, making it especially helpful for operations that require a variety of different packaging options for their shipments. In addition, many customers utilize pink anti-static convoluted foam to line boxes and protect electronics, as well as items like guns, collectibles, and more during transit.