Air Pillows

Sarkina carries a wide range of air pillows, air pillow machines, and air cushion machines to assist your team with their packaging and shipping processes.  

Air pillows and cushions function as effective void fills inside of the boxes you mail to your customers. Air is pumped into inflatable film in order to create a convenient space filler that doesn’t take up too much room in your warehouse or shipping area. Once inside the package, these air pillows stop your goods from shifting around as they travel from one place to the next. This helps prevent damage to your items, meaning it saves you on the excess costs of replaced products, additional shipping, and refunds.  

To efficiently fill these air cushions and pillows without taking up a lot of room, be sure to check out our air pillow machines and air cushion machines. These compact devices are immediately ready to use when they arrive and require little space to operate. Their productivity range often falls between 25-30 feet of film per hour and they work best for operations that ship up to 150-500 packages each day.