Adhesives are a versatile, multipurpose tool that bond your supplies together and keep them that way. We carry 3M aerosol adhesives, Camie spray adhesives, and more.

  • Spray adhesives control your spray pattern for quick and convenient work
  • Adhesives are utilized in many industries for a huge variety of applications
  • Used to bond paper, cardboard, metal, wood, foam, and much more

Whether you’re searching for 3M aerosol adhesives, Camie spray adhesives, glue sticks and slugs, or any other kind of adhesive, Sarkina has you covered. These adhesives are an excellent method for bonding your items so they stick together beautifully, allowing your operation to save on labor and repair costs because they hold together so well.

Our adhesives are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including furniture, construction, upholstery, photo mounting, palletizing, fabrication, and much more. No matter what industry you need them for, find your durable and long-lasting adhesives from Sarkina today.